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  • Just found this, having a great day hiking, picnicking at a watering hole with a waterfall. Thanks for remembering me. How did you know?
    Hey Barb,

    You really have a way of bringing this wild bunch together in the best way! Please take it easy as you heal up and remember, "PATIENCE, YOUNG LADY!" :)
    I can't tell you of any good instructors unfortunately. I never payed talked to one of those or had a hired teacher. I'm new to the forum too and to guitar playing. I think this is my third year.
    Hey Barb, post us some pictures of your guitars/amps. I am always interested to see what others are calling their six string friends.
    hello i dont mean to sound bad but i was just wondering if you were a women, i was on youre profile there and it said retired nurse. sorry if you reading this and i have caused affense didnt mean to .
    Hello Barb. Just wanted to say how much I admire your attitude overall and particularly your "life's journey" quote to Rogue Bohemian. You're a MAJOR ASSET to Strat-Talk! Thankfully, p90freak
    Hello Barb! Just wanted to thank you for turning me on to Knopflers' "WILD THEME (Local Hero)". Checked it out on YouTube and it (both acoustic and electric versions) was absolutely gorgeous! One of my faves is "IN THE GALLERY" from the first Dire Straits album. Thanks again. Take care.
    Hello Barb, You have great taste IMO. Mark Knopfler is definitely a major talent and his unique "clawhammer" finger-picking Strat tone has inspired countless guitarists to choose a Stratocaster. Is it his pickless right-hand technique that inspires you?
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