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Mar 29, 2010
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    1. Polarbear
      Hey, B. Long time, I hope all is well with you.
    2. Donald77
      I will send you an email in the weekend, when I have the proper time to write.
    3. Donald77
      I'm back BB, it was awesome.... I will post something in the sidewinder and on my Flickr one of these days.
    4. Donald77
      Hi BB do you own a Jaguar?
    5. stevierayfan91
      Strad was kind enough to send me some basics on theory from a few of his college classes :) .
      I figured it would be good to learn more. So for example if I hear a chord, I can kinda tell where it's gonna go next and solo. lol.
    6. stevierayfan91
      yeahh, i post a little more sparingingly lately.
      i am working on finishing my English degree and learning more theory. Trying to get to where I can mix styles well :) . like i am trying to get real good things happening with school and my playing. but school first of course.

      I have seen some bands at the Atlanta RG thingy. It's usually a nice vibe.
    7. stevierayfan91
      hey, buddy
      how're things going?
      Been a little swamped lately.
    8. GuitarAJ
      Merry Xmas to you and your family, BB. All the best ! :)
    9. bbarott
      Yeah, been there more times than I like to think about. On an unrelated note the new band landed our first job, just in time for halloween. Private party for the local film company here in Atlanta. Looking forward to to it, should be quite an experience.

      Need to get on that writing thing, we want to play some festivals in the spring and we need originals to do that.
    10. Polarbear
      Been writing songs, chilling with friends, trying to get back into employment and not much else. I can't do much without money. Its a shame.
    11. Polarbear
      Morning B!
    12. jonoh248
      thanks for the help mate!
    13. stevierayfan91
      How've things been? Long time no talk, lol. Thanks!
    14. fenson
      Hey thanks for the request . We old guys need to stick together , but I can't remember why :-)
    15. bbarott
      It was too funny to leave unanswered. As to the 'locked out' issue, I doubt that is the case. I'm thinking strat-talk is having some minor issues with their new UI, I'm having problems with replies that I didn't used to have. Had you actually committed a 'no-no' you would have heard about it. Believe me ST tolerates quite a bit before they start locking people out compared to, for example, the gear page.

      Anyway, keep 'em coming those are exactly the kind of retorts that get things back on track around here.

    16. michaell
      Thanks for the kudos on my satire piece.

      Somehow I am now locked out of that thread. MAybe you can help.

      Every time I tried top hit the New Reply to start a fresh page, I got a page that popped up and had a quote in it. I did not want to replky to that quote so I just erased it and wrote.

      I guess that was some sort of No no. I think its some compter glitch.

      Thans for the reply! made my day!

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    Home Page:
    Marietta Georgia
    Just enough to get by
    Type this information please:
    '65 Bassman, Mesa 5:50 Express, MusicMan HD150, DRRI, Rumble 150, Sidekick 15, Fender Outboard Reverb and probably a few more buried in the closet somewhere

    Two Strats
    One SG
    One Blueshawk
    One PRS Cu24
    Ibanez RG Bass
    and a Taylor 416 CE


    This is my strat. There are many like it, but this one is mine!:twisted:
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