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  • I'm doing well friend! Attempting to finish up a bachelor's degree on this side of the pond. Should be finished in a couple of weeks. How are things over there with you?
    its not entirely my fault. like 3 nights ago my roommate and i were watching sex and the city, and one of the characters fell out of one of these "adult swings" i your wording + my very recent exposure to such an short, there was nothing i could do to avoid that joke :D. im like the michael scott of strat talk :)

    so why the move now?
    oh, i laughed. it would be more disturbing though if it were an adult swing :D
    ouch! im sorry, that must suck :(

    esp as a guitarist. i broke my thumb last year, but luckily i didnt need it at the time :D

    how did it happen?
    lol expense is the main reason i never go anywhere. in the US, we dont all get much or any paid time off, either, so even if im just driving to the beach and splitting a $60 room with a friend, the opportunity cost is so high that i cant justify fun. the pains of being fiscally responsible in a capitalist country:D
    if i lived in europe, i would have to see the mediterranean :).

    im still in atlanta. about 4 miles from my last place.
    sounds like fun. i was going to try to squeeze in some beach time, but i moved instead :(

    where ya going?
    on about 3 hours of sleep no less :). i keep the hours of a crazy person. maybe thats not a coincidence
    Hey i am interested in getting the dg pickguard from that website
    and i noticed you where in the uk also.

    did you have any difficulty or have to wait ages?
    and how much did it come to?


    ps nice black strat
    Woah those look great, might have to pick them up, that's $75 over here though, so I might have to wait on that!

    I wonder if in '62 the Pat. Pend was gone or still there!

    As per the pickups, you could talk to Klein I think he does 54 pickups, but I would personally just talk to Jeff, he could do the oversized magnet thing I'm sure.

    Good luck, and make sure to keep us posted on your 54 build. Just wait until you get to those Mini-skirt knobs Thaus payed 128$ for :).
    Hey bettsaj,

    Loved your Gilmour Build :).

    I was wondering did you end up finding "Fender Pat. Pending" saddles? If so could you give me a link to them? I'd love to use them for my upcoming 1962 Burgundy Mist Strat build.

    Also, saw on one thread you were thinking of Jeff Chevalier Pickups. Out of sheer curiosity, did you ever get them? Because I love his pickups!
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