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    Fender frontman 212r repair

    I had the head version FM100H great, clean, pedal steel amp. I did install a long reverb tank though.
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    Peavey Special 112

    I used a Peavey extension cab with a Sheffield with a silver stripe Bandit I had, just sounded fuller/louder. I later built it into a cab and chassis with a Weber Thames, I found I had a little more bass this way.
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    Peavey Special 112

    I've had several Peavey "Special" amps over the years, and I still have an early 80's "Special 112" chassis waiting to go back to work. I re-cabbed the last Special 130 I had, but let it go for a nice Washburn A/E.
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    Channel bridging...uh...whut?

    I guess that's true, but even with isolated jacks, you would still be shorting the signal! I pick up pre amp ground with the input jacks on my builds, but if lifted you would still need a path.
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    Channel bridging...uh...whut?

    There's an extra stage in the amps with reverb. Just swap the leads on your jumper, and everything is still in phase.
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    5e3 Transformer Wiring

    Looks like some solder on the wire, probably was soldered with the others, just put it back. It may have been disturbed when the 3 wire cord was installed.
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    Haze 40 anp head shell

    I like the look of piping, only tried it once on a speaker cab to match an Epi Valve Jr. head. I knew I had to leave room in the baffle dimensions, but didn't consider needing a deeper setback! Next time!
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    Multi-meter advice...

    I've had Fluke for years, and after leaving the power company I was working for, I purchased a Fluke 87 to replace their 77 I had been using. That was 1990! It died a year ago, and was not repairable, so I bought a $35 unit from CE, (Antique Electronic Supply), just never could get used to it...
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    Solid-State Plug-in Rectifier....?

    I'm not familiar with those rectifiers, but I do have a Weber "Copper Cap" in my DR build. I played around with it and a GZ 34, and there is very little difference in voltage. It could be because Weber designed the SS unit to more closely mimic a tube rectifier.
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    How to protect the output transformer

    My Music Man RD 100 has "flyback diodes", MR 250/5, when I refurbished it, one was shorted. I ended up using a replacement of 3KV, and it works fine!
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    Color of your amp

    You planned better than I did! Next time I'll set the baffle a little farther back.
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    Color of your amp

    Here are some I've done! (I only include the VJr cab to show my first attempt at piping, I'm going to use it again when I build my next one!)
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    Color of your amp

    I like variety, Black and Tan, Brown and Tan, Red-White-Blue, although the solid color Black, Brown, and Tan ones look good also. I'm about to put my Twin into a head cab, and am thinking solid Red!
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    Amp Clones vs Real Fender

    While I haven't heard an original 5E3 in a long time, I have built a couple. The first I used parts on hand, a DR PT and OT, and Sprague Mallory caps, and mostly carbon film resistors. I also used a Tube Depot PC board! I did a couple of switchable mods, but generally play it without those. The...
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    Blues Junior Head

    Seems like plenty of room to mount the tube sockets, I think I would use dedicated wiring going back together, and treat it like you would an old Fender. (You could also just use the thing as wired!) I don't think you'll have any problems with the little tank, move it closer to the front. Before...