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    NGD: 2001 ES-335 Dot

    Congrats! That’s a nice uncle :)
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    NOOB question: pedal board power

    Nothing bad happens if you feed too many ma. It’s just not used. Use the outputs with whatever you have today.
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    Need to be louder

    Swap the speaker for a higher efficiency one like a cannabis Rex. Done.
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    Can you identify these pickups?

    If you remove the blue tape there may be a fender code underneath. If not it’s gonna be hard. But yes, not very promising.
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    does anyone use strictly batteries for their pedal board?

    I had one. It worked fine for me but there are legends on the interwebs about it failing.
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    What kind of pickups are these ? (Gibson 335)

    Looks like Seymour Duncan Antiquities. These are from their custom shop and it looks like the neck is wound by SD, bridge by MJ, so IMHO you got lucky :)
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    Clapton playing a Tweed Deluxe?

    Looks like this concert, in case you want to hear it too:
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    2019 MIJ Aerodyne Strat - Sunburst & Crimson

    Only thing I would be mindful of is the fretboard radius. MIJ tends to be 7.25. If that's your jam, great.
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    Wiring question: Split humbuckers

    Yes, I think you’re right.
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    Wiring question: Split humbuckers

    So this is the wiring I think you want without colors. Then you just have to match it with the specific colors of your pickup: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Elite custom shop swap Abby Yabarra project done

    Josefina Campos was the trainee under AY Congrats on the swap :)
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    Stratocaster Deluxe HSS made November 11th 2004

    Soooooo the neck is glued or duct taped?
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    Silly Strat question? Possibly....

    I would try to push that down. But the only diff between both afaik is that 2012s have fat 50s. Some people like them better, others not. So fine guitar I would love to have :)
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    Silly Strat question? Possibly....

    2012. IMHO we're in an amazing time. The value we get is amazing.
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    CD vs wave vs vinyl

    I like vinyl out of nostalgia but I read an interview with the incredible Rudy Van Geldee where he said he was ecstatic to remaster his tracks to digital because vinyl sucks. After that I stopped acting like a snob and just listen to any format and have fun :)