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  • Hi, you mention you are in the south Houston area. I have recently had a couple of my regular musical collaborators move away, and so am looking for new people to play with.

    I don't like to travel too far for jams and such so I was hoping we might be in fairly close proximity and might also be musically compatible.

    Anyway, if you might be interested in having a few beers and jamming some, let me know.
    Hi Blue Cajun:

    I have a made in Mexico 1998-1999 serial number Lake Placid Blue 62 reissue Stratocaster. It has a set of Rio Grande Big Bottom pickups - you can google them to see the description. I bought the guitar used with these pickups. I do not have the original pickups but I do have the original mint green old style 11 hole pickguard. It currently has a white pickguard on it with the modern style 11 holes. This means that there is an extra hole under the pickguard. The guitar itself is in very good condition, the neck shows damn near no wear and the only real problem with the body is on the back where I tightened the neck bolts a bit too much when I got the guitar (it need a shim) where tightening the screws caused a small crack in the paint. The big bottom pickups have a lot of balls and I prefer them to the standard pickups that would have come from the guitar. I wasn't thinking of selling the guitar but it is my least favorite stratocaster because the 62 reissue neck is a bit chunkier than I prefer. The neck is in damn near perfect condition with very, very little wear. Other than that it's a good guitar. Let me know what price range you were thinking about and if it sounds good I can shoot you pictures of the guitar.

    The guy who sold me the guitar told me that he bought it from his guitar teacher who was the original owner back in the early 2000s. The original owner had replaced the pickups. He used the guitar to learn on but never got too serious. As happens to us all we get older and end up with more responsibilities and less time. He said that it was pretty much kept in his closet for the last decade or so. I bought it last year, used it to relearn guitar (I'm a geezer and picked up the guitar again after 35 years last year) for about 3 months until I got a Japanese 70's reissue which is a twin of the guitar I had when I was young (and still have). The neck of the Japanese guitar is thinner and more to my liking. I still play this guitar occasionally as the pickups sound really bluesy and I had to convince my wife I'd play them both or sell one.

    Any way, if this sounds like something you might be interested in send me an e-mail at tss DOT cap AT gmail DOTcom


    Tom S
    Hey- Re: your post in the Pickup Trading thread- I've got an idle set of 57/62s and a great appreciation for all things DAllen- kind of intrigued by your Austin Blues. Whaddaya think?

    Billy W. (railroadman)
    Thanks for the offer. I'd love to buy them. But I've spent way too much on gear lately. So I'm going to have to pass.
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