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  • Bob check out GARYT1956 on You Tube. The Video where you see me wearing a Black hat [baseball]. Thats the first where I'm starting to get the Tone right with the miked Amp. Next I have to get the function down. Those are all first takes.
    Very cool Bob. I noticed in your pics that you're a church player, so thought you might be doing a missionary thing. That's an area of the world I haven't been to yet, but would love to.
    Hey Bob, are you in Taiwan for work, or doing mission stuff, or escaping the Law? ;-)
    Hey Bob thanks for the add.. Are you in Canada right now.. If so you must be frezing..
    Hello Bob, good to meet you. I didn't even know this forum had this 'friends' feature!
    all the best, Steve.
    Hey Bob, thanks for adding me as a friend. I've read many of your posts and respect your thoughts greatly.

    Nice to meet you!
    Hey Bob. Just a quick Q...I come to Teipei occasionally, but I live in HK. Is there a good music store in TPE worth paying a visit? I get most of my gear from Tom Lee in HK, but because they have a ridiculous monopoly the service is generally very poor.

    hi tuuur,

    they are coming along slowly. I have been working on some other little projects for a while. I have re-worked a coupld of Squier Strats that I bought and I also have a lap steel project that I just started. If all goes well, I should get back to the Teles sometime later this summer.


    nice to meet you here as well!
    How are the tele builds going?

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