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  • Disregard last message.
    Found my answer.
    You led me to it though.
    Appreciate your knowledge helping me out!
    Was wanting to PM you a question about a JV Strat but you're out of PM room.
    Could you clear me out a little space and then let me know or tell me how I can contact you? Thanks
    Hi Boris---I was the lead guitar player in the "Bearer's Of Tyme". You must have been around Williamsville in the mid to late 60's. I was honored and grateful to hear your comments! It was a great time with a lot of good music.
    Thank You --- Ernie (emaxo)
    Hey Boris - In the market for a Strat & being on TDPRI for a long time, well I trust your take. Three ways I can go, find a used Amer standard, then a 50's Classic series mex, or American special/Hwy 1 - What are the pro's and cons - have about $800 to spend. thx Keith aka (Collinsman)
    Hey Boris, I remember you have a american special tele? I also remember that you wanted to change the tuners. I am considering replacing the tuners on mine for vintage type ones.
    I'm planning on doing a Squier '51 mod project, and was wondering about doing a string-through conversion using a vintage Strat hardtail bridge. What advice can you give me about doing it properly with a hand power drill?
    I was down there last year for Jazz Fest and loved it. I hadn't been to NOLA since before the storm. I was hoping to take my old lady down there this time. For the same money, I can take her to Puerto Rico instead.

    I apprecite it. I forgot to check Tipitina's. Thanks! I guess I didn't realize that everything died out during the summer. It must be crazy hot down there.

    Is there anything going on in New Orleans over Labor Day weekend this year? Think from the 4th through the 8th. Any music festivals or good blues acts or something.

    I am trying to plan a trip for me and my fiance, and we both like live music and the blues. But I can't find a live music schedule for New Orleans on line anywhere. Your help would be appreciated.


    Jake D
    Ah, well, I'm finally back and trying to get things cleaned up. At least the weather is now dry. The humidity was really wearing me down. I guess with credit shutting down, I'm stuck here for awhile - at least we have oil revenues.


    P.S., you will be shocked when you see all the trees down in and around Baton Rouge. No joie de vivre for a while.
    ah eee how y'all are ? looks like we have the same home state. I'm originally from Louisiana. I was born and raised in baton Rouge. we, my wife daughter and I, go back every year to visit. glad to see someone else from "dear ole Luzianne" on here. brent
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