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    Favorite Artists Model?

    I liked those early Jeff Becks with the HUGE neck. I like the G E Smith Telecaster, even though G E himself has not done anything worth talking about since the model came out. I liked those very first batch of the Jimmie Vaughan, with the absolutely brutal hard V neck. I like the Kenny Wayne...
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    When did trucks get so damned expensive?

    I do mean some disrespect, to those who are bidding up the prices on these for frivolous use. They are helping keep GM and Ford in the black, but this is a weird way to do it. Woe betide the guy who expects me to slap him on the back when he drops $ 55,000 on a truck, while living in a...
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    More trouble at the big G

    Right. This is a cat and mouse game, where corporations take on debt in some cases, knowing the creditors will not want to let bankruptcy happen. This is all pre-baked into the chain of business transactions.
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    More trouble at the big G

    Retail stores are closing left right and center in Memphis. The only new retail I can think of recently of serious size, is the IKEA on Germantown (TN177) just south of I-40.
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    A beautiful songbird fortunately lives through window strike...

    Glad he did OK. I had what I thought was a bird strike at The Cabin last week. Bam! Turned out to be a Katydid (large grasshopper) that didn't make it. Two huge picture windows and my excuse for not cleaning them better is, every time I have, a bird or two has smacked into it hard and been...
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    Roller Trees

    I like the looks of these. The main issue would be, the string has to be prepped (cut to length, then 2 eccentric 90 degree bends) and that would make this a potential hassle. Might have to try 'em anyway.
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    Replacing tuners on a MIM Strat

    I agree that a vintage style, split shaft tuning machine is excellent medicine EXCEPT First I am assuming this is 70s style but still a '90s guitar. Those machines are the die cast splits with the diamond shaped stamped steel cover, in chrome, and they're not good IMO at all. You want something...
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    Guys? Is this real?

    Gogs, the guitar you have sounds like the very kind of thing you'd be wise to hang onto. Those are some nice pickups and IMO the weakest thing about that MIJ was always the pickups. You'd be hitting yourself over the head, getting rid of it. Enjoy that guitar! + Btw, that SHR-1 is possibly...
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    So... is Pau Ferro lighter in color?

    Thing was, it had gotten to the point where enough of the East Indian Rosewood wasn't especially dark, either. I'm eager to see how this switch to Pau Ferro on the MIMs turns out.
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    American Telecaster

    $ 699 would be better. Standards are worth $ 100-200 more than a comparable Special. Don't buy a Special until you have played one, in person. The fretwire is truly huge, not at all like the Strat you have. Btw I agree the Strat323 and Tealsixtysix - An American Standard Telecaster is an...
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    Whatever happened to.....

    What I think is funny is how folks say things like "I don't care what happens to FMIC and I don't care what happens to MF/GC" and yet, if there were no new models, no new guitars to wonder about, then we truly would have basically nothing left to talk about. I'd like to post more often but I...
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    Hipster Hate?

    My puppy, Daisy, was most disappointed to find out there's no ham in a hamster. I had told her, but she had to taste for herself.
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    NGD - G&L ASAT Tribute

    Very thoughtful of the tech to cut you a break on the tech work. Can't spend too much, or we end up in used USA G + L territory but the ones they're blowing out usually shouldn't have been boxed up and sent out in that condition. A great sort of kit for a poor kid with a willingness to learn a...
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    the classic 30

    This is a very good amp, and while the fan and some other bits may be Chinese, most of it is not. #1 thing is, you gotta take great care of those exposed tubes - they're really out there. Some people install a protective cage or something. What imaging is on the speaker? I think $ 300 is...
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    NBD (New Body Day?): Sonic Blue All Parts Body!

    Too much blue for Sonic. No hint of red for Daphne. How is the neck pocket fit?