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  • yo bowmaster, sorry for the tardy response. Thanks for the link to "angela's" but they don't have any any elite strat push /push switches in stock. Great link though, thanks for taking the time! Still not sure how to fix sticky selector switches, have tried most of the recommended lubricants but don't want to trash my '83 elite by replacing with toggles. If i find the answer i will post the link !!

    thanks again,

    HEY BH! .
    Haven't seen you around for awhile, hope all is well with you. I haven't been around much either.
    Blessings to you and your family. Don't forget the re with ason for the season!
    Hey B.H. Busy working on designs to present down in LA tomorrow. Been going down there every two weeks or so. Time flies so fast, spend every minute you can with the family, work will burn you out. Spend time in the Word and prayer, God has a purpose for all of us on this planet. Then rock on Brother!!!
    I've actually listened to quite a few of the things you have posted - all very well done and very enjoyable.

    Truth be told, I think I'm better at buying guitars than playing them :) I have an addictive personality, and can't pass up a good deal. Too bad I can't trade you a few Strats for some of your talent....
    Hey mate thanks!! i will get around to listen some more of your music soon as well. I am just final editing a tune to put up that i have done in my studio. I am doing a more experimental album using loop and samples.
    Hi ya Mike, been busy in the old none cyber world (breaking in a new drummer). Just had a listen to some of ya stuff on that soundclicks site, some nice stuff (not just a one trick pony) (GRIN) so what's in the old cherry wine????
    thanks very much man! you pretty much got the reasons for the HSS down :) blues to shred - it's all there in one convenient and sexy package!
    Thanks, Bowhunter :) I really appreciate that you took the time to listen to my songs! I must say that you are quite the impressive guitarist yourself (I will eventually make my way through all of your music). I am very glad I joined this forum as I have discovered even more great music by talented guitarists such as yourself. Take care!
    Bowhunter asks--Hey how ya doing, Did you get back up and running with your recording gear?
    It's just about worked out, I am getting a bit of drop-out once in a while. I bought a new drive and transferred all the music files over just in case. I think it might have something got do with my Line 6 Tone Direct-I need to uninstall and then decide if it's worth reinstalling (it's kind of buggy I think)!
    I was hoping to work out some bugs but I had a couple of gigs that took up more of the weekend than I had figured on.
    Yeah I'm good thanks. I have been in Spain for a while and had to limit my internet traffic as I was using one of those cell phone dongle things to gain internet access and in one week run up a bill of £370 ($612)!!! Not good! How are things with you, I noted in your chat with Offshore that you are getting out your bow soon ( does that sound right?) anyways please tell me you are not going to shoot poor defenceless lttle animals... no he says... I'm going to shoot defenceless BIG animals!!LOL
    Hey BH, I'm doing great, thanks for asking. My character "Bundini" went off course a little bit so he went to rehab with the other BL guys but got out early:). These days I am busy with being "an Ambassador of Jesus Christ" and trying to spread the gospel to a world in darkness.

    So how you doin?
    Ahoy thar matey! Yup,been a while but I still look in to the site every now & then. Have been using all my spare time(what little their is)up writing songs and laying down demos for an album I'm working on. have just bought some new gear as I'm going the computerised route for recording this time. it's all fun and exciting but very time consuming. Have been writing a lot with keyboards which is taking a few of the songs in a different direction. Will keep you up to date.
    hope all's good for you on your end. Later...
    The music computer died on me this weekend-OUCH!!!!! The motherboard I think!
    Luckily the drive is okay-now just building up a new one and transferring the old stuff~no way to spend the weekend, though....................................
    All I ever do is right click on the backing and save it. They are in mp3 formats so they are easy to work with.
    Yeah I love living here man, I can see the water from my living room window and its about a 5 minute walk to the beach.
    I do a bit of session work here and in the US, so I feel pretty comfortable playing in a lot of different styles of music.
    For the past six years or so I've been playing in "Area51" a five piece covers band. And "Shotgun Therapy" a four piece originals. Both bands share guitar/bass/drums.
    You could say that our originals sound is like someone had taken a couple of Van Halen, SRV, Nine Inch Nails and Malmsteen CD's popped them into a blender and spread it all over some Neil Young and Lynard Skynard records, serviced with a GNR style side salad. (Grin)
    I believe we will be back in North America in December, depending if the promoters and our management are able to agree to disagree on a how little we can be paid and if keep us in locked boxes in the tour van breaches any federal or state by laws.

    I use a lot of gear on stage. Two Roland bolt 60 valve amp. Custom made dual stereo ClassA valve 24Watts (6w X 4) PLC controlled head into a quad box. Custom made foot controller. Roland GS-6 rack multi effect. Shure Wireless system. ProCo RAT. Morley Wah. Ibanez compressor/limiter.

    Hey new friend, thanks for that. You have really got me into the Satan & Adam thing now. I love these sort of stories.... the whole Seasick Steve thing where the person really has 'lived' their music. We have some great street performers over here, in particular a blues man named Slim Lightfoot, but, although I am not certain, I think his roots are in the posh bit of Surrey and IF he ever rode the was 1st class! Great to have a new friend, this site has introduced me to so many new things which in turn have caused me to pick up my guitars once again in earnest, Anyways good talking to you, take care and see you later:)
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