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  • which airline ? there are a few of us here in the Minneapolis area. do you ever pass through here ?
    hi there, I just saw your name and realized that I hadn't seen you around for a while. hope everything is fine.
    The neck is a bit flat, yeah. It's a bit thin also - certainly when compared to my just-traded-away Baja tele. I'm finding that I like the 9 radius most, but have a 7.5 and this 12.
    Hi Bruce -

    I really, really like my CP 60s. The pickups are unique and great for classic rock and blues. They're a bit thin sounding to my ears, but my skill level may certainly be a large portion of that.

    The guitar itself, I'm super happy with. I bought it used on ebay and it had fret problems when it arrived. I had it plek'd and now it's fantastic.

    Also, for my money, there's not a better color combo for a Strat than sonic blue with rosewood, and I think the CP60s is the only guitar in the lineup that has a sonic blue option.

    ALl that said - the pups are so unique sounding taht I'm looking out for a Classic Vibe 50s for all-round work (potentially for some church band stuff), and possibly a partscaster or even a Squier bullet that could be a texas blues beast.

    but I don't think I'll ever sell the CP60s. Especially with the plek, I've got more money into it than I'd hope to get out, and I'd want to go find something similar.

    It's Mexican; but I like it more than my American deluxe strat that I had before.

    For $500ish for used ones, it's really really hard to go wrong.

    The Offer for a free set was canceled by Paul. He would not allow it. The scooped set is up on my website now and available for sale. Here is a link. Klein Pickups - Handwound Stratocaster & Telecaster Guitar Pickups & Accessories- - S-5 Scooped Stratocaster Pickup


    Chris Klein
    Klein Pickups
    Hey Bruce,

    If you just need a set up, I can readily recommend the Manager of the Guitar department of the CWB Tom Lee. He's a good friend of mine and his set up work is very good. Just as good as the guy who used to do my setups in Boston. Just look for Kenny and tell him Jose sent you.

    Hi Bruster

    Thanks for the comments. The pickups in my CAR Strat are GFS 60s Repros. Cheap but pretty good I think. One day I may upgrade them with Fender 57/62s or CS69s.

    I'll see if I can post some clips soon.


    Hi Bruster,

    I don't know of any luthiers. What kind of work do you need to get done?

    I'll ask around. I've heard of some legendary guy who fixes guitars and is not affiliated with any of the music stores.


    Hi Bruster,

    Thank for the message. Nice to hear from you.

    There are a couple of shops here in Taipei that are quite good. These would be ATB/Ton's music world (great selection of new and used stuff but the staff are mostly young guys who may not know a lot... but are still friendly and helpful) and Golden Ant/Galaxy Guitars. I buy most of my guitars and music related stuff from the Golden Ant. They have very good stuff, are quite knowledgeable and most of them speak English well enough to have a decent conversation with.

    The few times that I have been to Hong Kong I have made it a point to visit Tom Lee Music in Kowloon. It is bigger than anything we have here. The prices are as good as I would hope, but the important thing is that they have stock that is not so easy to find here.

    Shoot me a PM before you come here and I'd be happy to show you around.

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