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    Played a PRS Silver Sky SE - NG

    I like to check out Paul Reed Smith interviews on YouTube occasionally. He's very personable, passionate, knowledgeable and entertaining. I would love to hang out, have dinner and even jam with him. I think he's brilliant. I know many guitar players including my own brother who play and love...
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    What Blues Needs…

    The Modern Blues Dilemma Paradox - The best western music is based on the blues. Blues music itself is becoming so predictable that it's more challenging than ever to continue creating innovative new western music that is based on the blues.
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    Nitro vs Poly, Is It Relevant Any More?

    I don't think human nature has changed all that much. It's just that the internet enables us to be distracted by insignificant minutiae at a higher degree than at anytime in history.
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    I Think I Am Done

    I was the drummer in a signed band in Los Angeles that recorded an album and toured the country for 2 1/2 years from 1992 - 1995 opening up for bands like Warrant, Britney Fox, Lynch Mob, Ace Frehley and South Gang. Our band was really good, we believed in ourselves and we were all geared up to...
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    Nitro vs Poly, Is It Relevant Any More?

    To steer back to the original question, whatever finish is on the guitar is only as relevant as the player playing the guitar wants it to be. For you, it sounds like you prefer nitrocellulose and that's fine. I have a 2011 Gretsch DSV Duo Jet finished finished in nitrocellulose with most...
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    The One Tweak You Did Resulting In A Great Strat Tone?

    I've realized that I prefer humbucker bridge pickups and single coil neck pickups in pretty much any electric guitar. My Stratocaster bridge humbucker discovery is a TV Jones Power'Tron. It is a great sounding, well balanced pickup. It's made like a Gretsch Filtertron but is wound to 7.8K...
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    Mod Fender players

    Congratulations on your new guitar. If the pickups and tuners are headed to your junk bin I'll buy them from you.
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    What is the best wood for Stratocaster guitars?

    This has been my experience as well.
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    What is the best wood for Stratocaster guitars?

    #1 Answer. Alder is my personal favorite.
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    What "Music Theory" REALLY Is... imho...

    I really appreciate how you expanded my general statement with your first hand experience and knowledge and made it more precise and specific. I especially love, "Music theory is descriptive not prescriptive. It helps a musician understand their craft but isn't intended to limit creativity." Yes!
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    What "Music Theory" REALLY Is... imho...

    I believe the reason it's called music theory and not music knowledge is because the rules can be easily broken while still producing subjectively desirable results. Maybe it should be called music fundamentals.
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    Which guitar would you take on stage tonight?

    Which kit did you use to build this?
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    RIP @heltershelton

    I'm very sorry to hear this today. I feel like one of my favorite authors has just passed. I always loved reading what was on his mind. I send love to his family and his friends here, there and everywhere.
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    What does a Strat sound like?

    This video proves that scale length does affect tone.
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    Terms with no real meaning “Mid-Scooped”

    I would describe the inherent tone of a Stratocaster as mid scooped compared to a Telecaster or even a Les Paul which have a more present, fuller sounding midrange in their inherent tone. It's the Strat sound that people are discussing in another current thread.