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Senior Stratmaster, from Wales UK

Glad you like it Gordon, all the best Kev Mar 19, 2019

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    1. helo1978
      Hi Kev,

      Thanks very much for your reply! I'm really interested in this, but can you tell me a bit more about the sleeved hole? I like the idea of a non-wobbling arm, but if I opt for this, will I have to get a new arm or can I use the old one and get an arm from you later? Don't have unlimited cash at the moment! :)

      I'm in London and my email address is tom[dot]bradley78[at]gmail[dot]com - if you can send me an email to this address, I'll shoot you my postal address when I want to order. Is that okay?

    2. helo1978
      Hi CeltRocka,

      Do you still make replacement blocks for Strat tremolos? I've heard a lot about yours on this forum and I'd like to order a steel one for my '93/'94 Mexican Strat. It has a 52 mm E-E mounting screw width from my measurements. Please could you tell me how much it would be and if my old trem arm will fit the new block? You can email me if you have any more questions.

      Thanks very much,

    3. neftec
      Hello CeltRocka. I would like to order a steel block for my left handed 1991 MIA Standard Strat. What would be the cost with shipping to Finland? That is if you make left handed blocks? ;)

      Edit: email sent
    4. citizen68
      Hi CeltRocka

      I sent you an email (orange home address) few days ago about a replacement block for a '96 Strat plus - just wondering if you've changed email address?

      Many thanks

      Edit - resent email to your hotmail address - thanks
    5. noizebox
      Hey CeltRocka, I would like to order a sleeved steel block for a classic player 60s strat. Will my existing arm still work with this block?

    6. colourtones
      I am interested in your steel block for a CP60 MIM strat. May I get information on specifications and how to order please?
    7. Wailing
      Thanks for the swift response :) I am going on holiday for two weeks so will organize sending the block to you when I get back. The guitar is a 97 Korean Squier, VN706725.
    8. Wailing
      Hi Chris could you let me know if you still make tremolo blocks for Korean squier and if you produce brass ones. Kind regards Kevin Ayling
    9. Thurston
      Thanks, private message sent with my email address.
    10. Thurston
      Hi CeltRocka - Looking for a block for a 60s Classic Player Strat. Can you tell me what the material options are, what it would cost (shipping to RI in USA) and will it fit on the stock bridge? Does it come with a trem bar?

    11. CeltRocka
      Hi, £1 = $1.70 at the moment,so not to good for the $$ . £29 = $49.50.Shipping to USA is $12.73 airmail or $22 tracked/Insured,
      best regards Kev
    12. Trojanhead
      Your quote of L29 , whats that in american dollars ?
    13. Trojanhead
      Hello, looking for a trem block, full size, brass. This is for a Squier deluxe with 2 point bridge. Can do some measurements and pics if needed. Thx.
    14. rocker_71
      Hi CeltRocka,
      Looking for a solid steel Squier CV60's block.
      Heard your blocks are very good.
      How much will this cost (including shipping to Holland)?
    15. knoxy
      hello yes I did would like to khow if you could do me a block for an American standard 96 strat with no slope on it a full sized one please
    16. knoxy
      hello kev I want to purchase another one of your excellent blocks for a fender American standard 1996 on the offset saddle trem would prefer a fullsize block with out the cut off part on it if possible cheers and regards
    17. DOQ1
      Hi, CeltRocka -- Apologies for the delayed response. If you're still available, I'd like to order a custom block with a standard-length Strat arm -- 6", I believe -- and sleeved trem hole. I have a few gigs coming up, but will be able to mail rubbings of the block face and other dimensions in the next 10-14 days. Please email me at donnieoquinn [at] gmail [dotcom] with payment info. Thanks!
    18. relact
      Deal, good price! Thank you very much. I would also like a short tremolo arm in the style of Gilmour that fits perfectly. It should have a cream coloured tip to fit the CP60s in Sonic Blue. Great idea. I'll send you a message with contact details. THX!
    19. relact
      Hy CeltRocka, I want to replace the stock trem block on my Fender Classic Player 60s Strat (MIM with 10,5mm string spacing, 2 point trem) by a steel trem block. I have seen some of your work and I appreciate it very much. Please tell me what to do, thank you very much! Cheers relact
    20. tiredguy
      Cheers Kev.
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