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Senior Stratmaster, from Wales UK

Glad you like it Gordon, all the best Kev Mar 19, 2019

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    1. carson
      One other thing do I need a new temelo arm for your block?

    2. carson

      I live in Edinburgh, normal postage, I don't have PayPal is there another way of paying?
    3. mashup
      Hi CeltRocka. I would really like a replacement trem block for my Squier CV Simon Neil Strat. Please could you message me a cost & your PayPal details? Thanks. Also, would you advise upgrading the bridge, saddles & trem arm? If so, what would be a good fit? Cheers
    4. carson
      I have checked my Simon Neal and it looks like the temolo is a Mexican type with the arm hole off set from the strings. I have taken a rub of the top!
    5. carson
      Hi CeltRocka

      I have a Simon Neal squier strat, I would like to replace the tem block, how mch would it cost and do you already have the template


    6. Leif
      Hi Kev,

      i sent you an email today. Maybe its in your spam-file.


    7. Leif

      i would like to buy one of your steelblocks for my CV50 Strat (Squier Classic vibe). I live in Hamburg (Germany). Can you tell me the total price (block + shipping)? Best regards, Leif
    8. offthebridle
      Hi there -would like to buy one of your blocks for my Classic Vibe Strat I gather they fit straight in, etc with no other routing/adj required?! could you please let me know how to do this and how much? (I live nr Bristol) kind rgds, Maxwell
    9. sellisnba
      Hi celtrocka
      I was wondering if you could give me a quote on a replacement trem block.
      I have a classic vibe 50's strat, i'm looking to upgrade the block on it.
      If you could email a price i would be grateful.
    10. knoxy
      hello celtrocka ive bought blocks from you in thepast and need a fat block for a mexican spaced trem standard .are you making the whole trems yet? saddles etc ? thnx
    11. viccelles
      Hello CeltRocka. I would like to buy from you a full steel block for my american standard strat 2008 with the modern two pivot bridge. dont know if you need any other details about model or email is i live in greece. thank you in advance
    12. TomPlaysGuitar
      Hi CeltRocka,
      How much is a steel block for a 2010 MIM Classic Players 60's Strat?
      I'd like to know how much postage to Portsmouth, UK is also, I'm very interested in buying one of your finely crafted blocks!
      My email is

      Thanks in advance
    13. addisj
      I had a look at mine and I couldnt see anything on the bottom of my existing one. Would I have to actually remove the bridge to find out?

      I have been told a direct replacement is (below) if that helps?

      Made in Mexico" 10.5mm Solid Steel Trem Block

    14. addisj
      Hi Celtrocka,
      Can I please buy one of your blocks for my 2011 MIM Blacktop Strat?
      I am in the UK by the way. for paypal invoice.
    15. geggle
      Hello Celtrocka. Heard you make replacement trem blocks, cold rolled. I have a 1998 CS strat w/ a 2point "Vintage" (2 7/32" string spacing) tremolo. What are we looking at price wise to make a new replacement block?
      I may be changing the trem to the more modern spacing (2 1/16th I believe). But I won't know that until I get the strat back from the luthier. Having a new nut cut. All this is because I have the "High E string of Death" problem. (Too close to the edge of the fingerboard, and gets worse going towards the body
    16. fireman31
      Hopefully so because the covers I have now have aged quite well over the years.
    17. fireman31
      Were you able to reuse the pickup covers that originally came with your Squier on the CS 54s? Thank you.
    18. lioparis
      Hello CeltRoka,
      I would like to buy from you two steel blocks for my American Standard Strats, in order to replace the piece of junk Fender uses....!
      I live in France: how can I send you the money (paypal?) and what would the total be for 2 blocks and shipping?
      My email:
      Thank you in advance,
    19. fireman31
      Dear CeltRocka, I have an E7 MIK Squier Strat very similar to your E10. I already replaced the pots and switches as they were old and worn out with American Standard pieces. I'm debating on swapping the pups with Fat 50's and was wondering what you thought of your Strat after putting in the '54's. Did it seem worthwhile? Thank you, Doug
    20. CeltRocka
      Hi,if you can let me know which type of block the MIM has[thin block like CV60 or a thick block stamped PW29/36 on bottom] there is a slight difference with the position of the trem hole. My blocks are £23[$36.50] each + £9[$14] postage[for both blocks] If you want tracked postage-£13.50[$21.50]
      I'll need your email address to send a paypal invoice,thanks Kev
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