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Glad you like it Gordon, all the best Kev Mar 19, 2019

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    1. fireman31
      Dear CeltRocka, I have an E7 MIK Squier Strat very similar to your E10. I already replaced the pots and switches as they were old and worn out with American Standard pieces. I'm debating on swapping the pups with Fat 50's and was wondering what you thought of your Strat after putting in the '54's. Did it seem worthwhile? Thank you, Doug
    2. CeltRocka
      Hi,if you can let me know which type of block the MIM has[thin block like CV60 or a thick block stamped PW29/36 on bottom] there is a slight difference with the position of the trem hole. My blocks are £23[$36.50] each + £9[$14] postage[for both blocks] If you want tracked postage-£13.50[$21.50]
      I'll need your email address to send a paypal invoice,thanks Kev
    3. EGrier65
      Hello CeltRocka,
      I am interested in getting a couple of steel blocks from you. One is for a Squier CV 60 and the other is for a MIM Fender bridge. How much do you charge for them, payment options and shipping to the U.S? Thanks man
    4. Gypsy Eyes
      Gypsy Eyes
      Would it possibly work (and not bind) if I have the USA thread arm?
    5. Gypsy Eyes
      Gypsy Eyes
      Just realised that I'll have to get a new bridge plate if it's a USA thread. So I'll just have a squier size bar thread. Will I also need a new bridge plate for an angled thread in the block?
    6. Gypsy Eyes
      Gypsy Eyes
      Hello again, thanks alot.
    7. Gypsy Eyes
      Gypsy Eyes
      Thankyou so much for the quick reply. I'll most probably buy in mid-late Jan btw. Also, will the block have an angled tremolo bar thread-in like a Fenders?


      But of course with the actual hole a bit further up. Would it also be possible to have a USA tremolo bar thread? And is this a stupid idea?

    8. Gypsy Eyes
      Gypsy Eyes
      Hey again CeltRocka, I spoke to you before, in september about my Squier. I'm now interested in getting a steel block for my Bolan Strat, not actually a squier, but I managed to fit my squier bridge in it fine without any niggles, could I have a quote for a full size steel sustain block if I PM you the measurements? And I do understand that you cannot sell any till the new year, that's fine :)
    9. jakehadlee
      Hi - I'm looking for a steel trem block for my CV50 - are you still making/selling them, and if so how do I go about ordering/paying for one.


    10. TSims1
      Hi - I was wondering about the cost of a steel trem block for a Squier Classic Vibe 60s[do you make brass as well?]along w/shipping to Atlanta, GA? Email me at: when you get a chance..? Thanks!!
    11. jmgruber
      I need a block for a Squier affinity strat. I purchased it off Craigslist, threaded the arm in and the wall was too thin, broke a piece right off the block Do you make these? Thanks.
    12. Essex
      Hi CeltRocka, just bought a Squier CV50. Could you please let me know the cost (inc payment options) of your steel trem block and postage to Australia. My Email

      Thanks, Rick Harrison
    13. vanhalen
      Hi Kevin, Strat is a stunning beauty.
      How the hell did you make her ( I suggest your strat is female :-) ) look like that?
      Did you do the relicing by yourself?
      I my craftsmanship would be better, I would try relicing by myself........but apart from one little dent at the body surface, my Strat ( her name is Blanca ) *lol* is nearly in a new condition.
      If you have got some hints about relicing, I would be very thankful.
      By the you know, which diameter the tremolo bar gap has got?
      I suggest, that it is M5
      Greetings from germany,
      man, our guitars could be sisters, colourshape is exactly the same, I will make some pictures at the weekend.
    14. frails
      Hi Kevin. My paypal is Can you please confirm that the material is CRS and NOT Asian grade steel please? I would like the $9.50 shipping option please. Thank you!
    15. frails
      Hi Kevin! I'm interested in your blocks. Do you charge extra for lefty? I am looking for vintage Strat spacing in lefty please. Thanks!
    16. mymindsok

      I live in Santa Rosa, Ca USA and would like you to make me a trem block for my MIM Srat.

      Do you have the specs or do I need to send you the old block? My guitars serial number for dateing is: MZ4046176

      Please reply to:


    17. Peterbower
      Hi CeltRocka
      Can you make me a steel trem block for my CV50, I cant do paypal, but can send cash.
      Would you mind e mailing me on for easier discussion.

    18. jgillard
      Sorry about that. The gap looks to be 5mm.
    19. jgillard
      Distance between centre of trem hole and centre of nearest mounting hole: 1.5cm
      distance between the centre of the mounting holes: 2.1cm
      I also need to know the trem arm thread.I cut an M5 [5mm] thread for his arm: yup. 5mm diameter of hole.
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