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    Tiny Spots On Nitro Finish

    Sneeze spray?
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    Help -Selling a 1962 Olympic white

    How much is “a life changing amount of money”? I don’t know about you, but I need more than $50k to really change my life.
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    How long does it take Olympic white to turn yellow?

    Mine is four years old and is already on its way to looking awesome. Any sort of lighting will make it turn yellow. Mine lives in my studio which has no natural light and it’s very yellow after only four years now.
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    A question 65 Super Reverb R.I. Owners

    Strange, if the pot is stationary it shouldn’t create any noise, should it? I’ve only had crackly pots when turning them and cleaning solved that, but when not being turned they had no effect. A dirty jack could have influence as it’s in the signal.
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    A question 65 Super Reverb R.I. Owners

    Mine is close to silent, I really have to pay attention to notice it is on.
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    Red Hot Chili Peppers new era begins

    Funny how we all know everything about the band and their lives.
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    Strat or Sitar? What’s wrong with my brand new Strat?

    Sounds like a high fret. Take it back and get them to take a look with a fret rocker. Actually, you can take a look. Use a credit card and rock the edge on 3 frets at a time and if it rocks like a see saw then the fret in the middle is too high. At least you’ll know the problem.
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    Rose Pickups is shutting down.

    Why keep taking orders and peoples money if you can’t keep up or deliver product? Why not sell what you have and if you don’t have anything then you don’t sell it? Seems simple.
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    You can order a new car again.

    Actually, most of these companies practice “on time inventory”. That means that the inventory is ready or has arrived just in time to ship it out so they don’t have to sit on stuff that is costing them. Fender doesn’t have much of anything sitting around, especially these days with inventory...
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    If you have more than one amp...why?

    I have no idea. 15 amps. I guess I like amps.
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    Help! Newly arrived MiM Stratocaster Problem - Constant Noise while plugged in with an AMP

    There are so many external factors that can cause noise with a single coil guitar. Dimmer switches, computer monitors, cell phones, poor wiring in the house, so many things. Does the noise get quieter when you touch the bridge or strings? How about if you move around or go to another room or...
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    Now it’s on the news.

    I already have enough tubes and amps to keep me going until death. Not buying anymore.
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    More than one tele?

    I really don’t have that feeling with any of my gear. I have 8 Strats, 4 teles, 8 Les Paul’s, 5 SGs, 5 mustangs, 3 jaguars, I’m working on Rickenbacker’s now. I can’t possibly have enough of each. I’m always looking to add another even if I already have it, no two are alike.