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    1. FuzzFace90
      Hi, I saw you own a Pignose 30/60 amp. I'm about to sell mine I don't play it enough, and I have a question. I've noticed on mine if the volume is kind of turned down you hear a clean signal then a little bit of fuzz underneath. Like two signals; a dry direct and a fuzz channel. Is this normal? This has never bothered me, but I want to make sure the amp is in tip-top shape before I sell it. Thanks!
    2. benchrat
      crawdaddy, i've been reading up on how to figure out what exactly i have in a strat and in the thread titled :No Country of Manufacture - 80's Strat??? Help:, you stated that "The plastic insert for the Truss Rod is the give away". the strat described in that thread is very much like mine including the plastic insert. i assume you meant a giveaway that it is indeed japanese?
      also, i had this guitar refretted and repainted but otherwise have left it as it was. do you have any idea what i should ask for because i intend to sell it soon.
      Thanks for any help.
    3. Draykor
      Thanks for the advice regarding the 1996 stratocaster, but is there any possibility that you could scan the page from your 1996 Frontline that contains info about squier strats and post the info? I would very much appreciate it. Thank you!
      Merry Christmas
    4. fluffy
      Hi thanks for the kind words . I also am not very prolific.
      The amp is a Dan Electro Challanger series from some time in the fifties, not mine but just a photo I came across. I love Strats and most guitars in general I also play bass currenty I use a Squier CV Fesita Red P bass. Nice bass ... latter cheers
    5. fluffy
      thanks for being a friend crawdaddy nice
      to meet ya.
    6. Gypsy Eyes
      Gypsy Eyes
      What exactly was your 70's reissue strat ? :)
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