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Oct 29, 2011
Sep 5, 2010
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Feb 24, 1992 (Age: 28)
Lisbon, Portugal


Strat-Talker, 28, from Lisbon, Portugal

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Oct 29, 2011
    1. sjtalon
    2. sjtalon
      You are very welcome and best of luck!
    3. sjtalon
    4. sjtalon
      Like I said the trick of this thing is to get the BALANCE. String pull=Spring pull, so when you use the wammy, the springs pull it back top the same place.

      Tune the guitar up to pitch, then adjust the claw spring tension so that the back of the plate is about 1/16" off the body, Press the bar down real good ,three - four times and re-do all that again, back and forth, tuning and adjusting the claw. You shouldn't have to do that more than 3-4 times.

      As you play for a while and you notice it may be out a little, just press the bar 2-3 times and hopefully if it's all set right, it will return. The next step may be to go to 4 springs.
      Have you lubed the nut, that is VERY important that the strings slide free though there.

      I wouldn't give up yet, you just have to learn to get it set up. I have had good results setting them myself and have two Strats.

      Keep me posted,
    5. sjtalon
      For what it's worth, these are some things that work for me when I had the dreaded tuning problems with my first Strat. There are a LOT of opinions out there on what to do, I just compiled different things I read about.

      May some of this will help you, it's worth a shot.

      Tuning peg winding and stretching new strings !!

      When you install new strings, tune them up close to pitch, and then starting at the end of the fretboard, pull up on the string a good 2 inches, 2-3 times, then more your hand up the fretboard 4 or 5 inches and pull up again, repeat all the way up to the nut. Tune the string to pitch and do this all over again at least one more time.

      Some think having a heap of winds on the pegs helps keep them from slipping ( more is better) but that does more damage than good. You don't need much, you need to LOCK the string ends -- this is HUGE !:

      Replacing Strings on Acoustic Guitars | Stringing To Stay In Tune

      How To String A Guitar | Replacing Guitar Strings

      On MIM Strats if you have trouble with the e and B strings tuning, put a couple of washers under the string tree to raise it up about 1/16“-1/18“. The string angle is too sharp (with the tree screwed down onto the headstock surface) and can cause binding in the nut slots. Most Classics and Re-issues have a spacer already.

      Tremolo, It's all about SET UP !

      Pull back (up) on the arm and adjust all but the two outer screws to 1/16" (1.6MM) off the plate. Keep it pulled back ( so the plate is touching the body in the back) and tighten the outer two screws so that they are just touching the plate. Now it will just pivot on the outer screws.

      Tighten the spring claw screws so that the rear of the bridge plate is only about 1/16" (1.6MM) above the body. You will have to re- tune, and then re-tighten the claw screws a few times to get all this balancing act done. It is worth it in the long run believe me.
      Being the spring tension is a little greater on the treble side of the block, I have my screws in un-even ( the claw is slanted about 1/8 inch) so there is more spring tension on the treble end. I find the compensation helps.

      If you still have problems your could go to 4 springs, but give the above a try for a while. If you use the trem a lot, or like a good vibrato, 4 springs can make it kind of hard to push (stiff) the tremo arm for some.

      Two very important things to these Strat animals:

      When you tune (because of the unique tremolo), do it evenly, i.e. tune the low E then the high e, then B then A and so on, OR tune the G and D and work outwards so it's a straight, even pull.

      LUBE the nut and string tree, even were the strings go over the saddles. use Teflon lube or graphite.

      Doing this really won't be that bad and will take you less than 30 min. set up

      Keep playing, use the trem some and re-tune a few times, the key is to GET THE BALANCE ! Strings tension ( pull) EQUAL to the springs counter pull. After that, if you find yourself out of tune a little when you play, try pressing the arm down a couple times real good before messing around re-tuning and that can balance things out again and save re-tuning all the time. You should find that it will be back in tune. When you play and use the trem, and after a while find yourself out of tune ( by meter or ear) and keep retuning, you are just chasing the problem back and forth.

      Trust me, if everyone had trouble, there wouldn't be a zillion Strats out there.

      Be patient it will work
    6. macnik
      Hi CrazySocks, Thanks for viewing my fiesta red strat. It has a huge tone and I just love it!
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