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  • Thanks for pointing me to the ATTN Deadheads thread in Sidewinders! And your avatar is great!
    I watch arrested development on fxx network,thats another great show alot of people missed out on.Todd margaret is the biggest dumbass in the world,its a stupid show but plenty of laughs.I still havnt seen 2cd half of series.I plan to watch it hope it doesnt start sucking.Its too late now Im into it.
    I forgot to ask if you have ever seen The increasingly bad decisions of Todd
    Margaret with David Cross.I watched the first half of the series on netflix.It is pretty good he has this assistant that f,s with David Cross' character over and over again.I find it very amusing.Take care
    Hi, how's it going.

    Yeah, I'm familiar with Dead Meadow, but to me they are too much like Neil Young, great when the guitars are playing, not so great when the singing starts.

    Other newish bands that I like include Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound, High on Fire, Samsara Blues Experiment, Jonathon Kane's February.

    Check this out, freekin' awesome,

    Hmmm, can't copy and paste links, I'll post it in the "what are you listening to" thread.

    Are you familiar with Lou Reed's first band the Velvet Underground?

    Along with the Stones, they have had the biggest influence on my musical tastes.

    Should have commented on your fine avatar from "Wolf" as well. Saw it in person a few times, just never up quite as close as I would have liked.
    Thanks man. I just changed it to that after being inspired by some other great avatars.
    My pleasure, dude! And I concur with RB, you have Irwin's Wolf as your avie, that's ultra cool!

    Wolf is my fave JG guitar. I know everyone else loves Doug Irwin's Rosebud, Tiger and Stephen Cripe's Lightning Bolt, but I loved Wolf even before I knew what a guitar was!
    Anyone that uses a Jerry Garcia pic for their avatar is okay by me!

    And it calls for a befriending. I got to meet Jerry at the Fillmore one night and spent 45 minutes with him talking about nothing but music. I was 16 or 17 at the time and getting a music lesson at Fillmore from the great Jerry Garcia! He taught us how to count 11:8 time which they used for The Eleven.
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