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    Leave a message...

    Loved this when it was released - 1982 - where have those 40 years gone
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    Super duper Alice Cooper

    Feed my Frankenstein followed by no more mister nice guy - what a way to open
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    Super duper Alice Cooper

    Opening night of the tour on the opening night of a new arena in my city. Amazing musicianship- outstanding showmanship.
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    Going bald in your 20s

    My father and his father had thick hair until they died, My mothers father - bald in his 20’s I believe that you inherit your maternal grandfather’s hair…. Or lack of….. I live by the motto ‘look after it while you’ve got it, forget about it when it’s gone’
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    Last chainsaw case I saw on UK eBay was going for £250 so probably worth repairing if you want to keep it original
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    Greetings from Wales (UK)!

    Shwmae butty
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    Hold Me Now Unplugged

    Lovely version
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    Hit Maker reissue

    I like this a lot, but not £2,399 likes..
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    Dave Flett playing his 1963 Olympic White Stratocaster w/rosewood fingerboard

    Appreciate it’s not the greatest quality video but that looks a lot like Scott Gorham. Is Dave Flett playing the LP? I’m sure he had curly hair. Could be mistaken… I usually am
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    Hi from Cardiff!

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    show us your white guitars!

    OW and RW :cool:
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    Is it time for a red special?

    Not my type of thing but can see the appeal….
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    Any Red Flags From These Pics?

    I’m no expert but the 12th fret markers look too wide to me and the truss rod plug looks very long.