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    1. stratneck2
      Hi David, I hope you are feeling better.....
      I sent you an email last week, and I know you are a very busy Man, but I am worry about you. Please drop me a line, and let me also know if the Hot Rocks are on the way ,We were exchanging Austin's for HRocks.
      Thank you David!!!
    2. ffattocaster
      David, I'm looking for an SRV tone with a little more balls. I was thinking about the Hot 54/59's...am I in the right ballpark??? The Hot Rocks caught my attention too... Thank you.
    3. BugleTrout

      I'm building a Strat and I'm going for that 60's surfer sound. I know that you can do that with a lot of pickups and just turn the reverb up a lot. My son will likely use this as his backup to his MIM Strat that he plays bluesy stuff with as well. What set of your pickups do you recommend for this. I've seen a couple that look like they'd fit the bill but I'd like your advice.


    4. Frankenstratov
      Hey Mr. Allen,
      I've been wanting to get a set of your Stratocaster pickups for a while, but was on the fence about two choices... and now I see you have some new ones...oh man!
      My question is about the Hot 54/59 set. In the review, the customer says that there is a phase shifter-like swirl when playing... could you explain this to me? Also, when talking about this strat set's tone, who are the first two guitarists that come to mind as far as similar or even right-on tone? Thank you.
    5. ToneAddicted
      Hey D. Allen,

      I'm trying to achieve a sound close to J. Frusciante/John Mayer, but not imitate them. I read some reviews on 60's RnB but i really liked the StraCat. What do you think will be a better choice for that kind of sound ? Sometimes I also play some classic rock, grunge.

      Thanks in advance!
    6. stratomaster96
      Got the hot vintage Strat set, LOVE it!!!
    7. stratomaster96
      hey D. Allen, what version of alnico magnets are in the neck, mid, and bridge pickups of the hot vintage 54/59 set, respectively?
    8. simpleonly
      Hi there i am interested in you pups, i need your opinion too on what to purchase because i need a versatile set for my strat. i play blues, funk, country, top 40's to classic rock and heavy rock.

      will you ship to asia? at this moment i'm in Sabah Malaysia.

      thank you.. i will wait for your reply.. =)
    9. khanartist
      Hi D Allen, can you tell me more about your stratcats and your JM 60's? what was the inspiration? also do you have any more demos of the JM 60's? particularly neck cleans and overdriven?
    10. pinned
      Hey Dave what are the hot 54's going to cost me?
    11. jewfresus
      Hello, I have fallen for your VooDoos. Just gonna say it outright, lol. I was looking around and heard that you have some "standard" line versions of your pups, including the VooDoos, which are about 60 bucks cheaper than the CS series. So, how do the money-saving construction changes affect the sound? If I went out and got two bullets, loaded them with the cs and standards, would I notice a real differance? BTW, I am really geared toward a Hendrix-style tone on this guitar, so the VooDoos are great, but I do love Nirvana-type stuff, with high distortion and all. So, if you have a product that can do Hendrix AT LEAST 90% as well as the voodoos, but does distortions a lot better, I'd love to hear about it. Thank you for any help you can give me, and any future headaches you can prevent!
    12. VintageToneGuy
      Hi, My pickups arrived today and I had them in my guitar within the hour. I love them! They are absoluetly clear and very bell like and they are exactly as I'd hoped they be. The phrase on the box is absolutely true.... 'bringing tone to life'...! These pups have brought new life to my new guitar. I can't believe how dark and muddy the Hot Noiseless pups were compared to these. Thanks again, I appreciate the killer deal; fast shipping and, most of all, the great communication. Have a great Christmas!!!

    13. sevycat
      I installed a set of the Rock N Blues that I purchased from you. Thanks for making my CV 50 Sing the Blues like I knew it should. Tone to die for the first time since I purchased that guitar. What a wonderful thing it is to be playing an instrument that sounds great.
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    SF Bay Area
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