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  • Thanks! How are things going these days for you? I need some details, so maybe if you pm me I can catch up. I am busy as all get out at work now and this place is a distant concern for me as I am ramping up my work season.
    Hey man, I noticed that you have some records on the wall, so my question is who is plastered on the wall?
    I was thinking about adding an EQ pedal to my jazz board. I have a red MXR Dyna Comp...it is just sitting on my board and it just doesn't fit my Redneck Surf Jazz stylings...interested in a trade?

    I'm thinking a Bad Monkey like Phil X uses or an MXR Dist. +(for some reason they call it a distortion, but it's not,lol.), or a Blues Driver from Boss.

    ..I like the brass slide I got a lot..It has a nice heft to it, and a warmer sound than chrome..There was a chromed brass 1 , but Muddy waters and similar used brass I think? Elmore James, etc,?
    Starting with open D, and G.
    Merry Xmas, buddy.
    I got a solid brass slide and The Sky Is Crying album..Sat. is hopefully new pedal day :) . Getting an overdrive. first pedal since i moved to a diff. house last year. excited!
    no worries, buddy. even 1 or 2 bars of the solo would be cool..I am also trying some slide now so my Strat is in open G right now. i could also capo it to fet D. i think?
    I like Jimmies style of using his fingers to pick..I do that now a lot :) .
    hey, buddy
    I was just wondering, what the quote in your signature came from? and if i might be able to use it in a poem about Stevie for my univ. class?
    hey, buddy
    it wouldn't let me post a url, but the album is called On The Jimmy Reed Highway: by Omar Kent Dykes & Jimmy Vaughan.
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