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    Has anybody actually played butter?

    Buttah: low action, low tension and flat radius. How about a shout out for LARD. Reduces string noise substantially. Anybody still use Crisco? I will have to admit I have played my fare share of guitars after eating fried chicken or hot wings(butter and hot sauce) and not cleaned my hands...
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    I smell hair burning, OUCH!

    Or a 70s Strat hitting you in the head. Lol I am wondering what security was thinking when it started raining 4/12 cabs, Strats and Marshall heads. Payday!
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    Why go to the doctor when I can go here (nutrition advice sought)

    Get a juicer. Organic produce only if juicing since you are concentrating everything. The good and the bad(pesticides/Roundup). My fav is carrot, apple, spinich, parsley and celery. If you are sitting all day you will get fat and/or flaccid. Lean proteins and salads. You need fat for your...
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    I smell hair burning, OUCH!

    I have never seen this, WOW! Where is OSHA when you need them. lol Micheal Jackson James Hetfield Richie Blackmore Anyone else? You can leave out Dime or the Station fire please, God rest their souls. I have had can lighting that was too close in a small club singe/smoking the back of my...
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    How many of you have changed the neck on your Favorite Strat (or any guitar)?

    My question is what is the OCD about changing necks? What happened to the adventurous experimental nature of the 70s and 80s? Remember, when we called a Mighty Mite body and neck a "partscaster", not a Strat with all Fender parts from different era's. That was still a legit Strat. We only...
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    Give me your three favorite vocal performances!

    Wish this lady would do some rock and roll projects but as far as vocal performances go she is right up there at the top and I'm not much of a Disney fan of late. Whitney, Ann, I'll pass on Adele, Micheal Jackson, Robert Plant, Freddie, Joe Cocker, Paul Rodgers even lame David Coverdale.
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    How many of you have changed the neck on your Favorite Strat (or any guitar)?

    It's a tool to convey emotion, that's it. I have zero concern about originality, resale or provenance. So I will change/hack any part on any guitar for whatever reason I choose is best to get the job done. Last guitar I bought a 2010 '59 Todd Krause Masterbuilt was parted and all I have left is...
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    Don't Pay For Cool

    Man I wish someone would have told me that a long time ago. Great story and reminds me of most of my friends and what I picture a lot of old ST folks are like. Hoping this quote becomes a common response to some of the recurring gear questions. Cool channel to check out.
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    I have a bad case of Nitrose on all my guitars. Hard to get rid of. And yes they all have the stand foam rubber stuck to them.
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    Anyone really rely on Rolling Stone Magazine for legitimate news?

    Does this have something to do with NE OK emergency rooms? Funny I live there and immediately knew they were pushing a false narrative after I made a couple of phone calls. A crying shame that some peoples agenda gets the best of them. So I guess RS has shown it's colors.
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    goin pirate

    Eye patch. check. Man Bun. check Puffy shirt. check Plundering and Pillaging. check Damsel in distress. check Stolen bounty. check Keg of Grog. check Keg of Rum.check Plastic sword. check Plastic sword?:thumbd:
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    What's your super power?

    Horse Whisperer and Tarantula Wrangler. I can also destroy most of the value of vintage instruments with a single strum or a spray can.:D
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    Is there anything in music gear that attracts cats?

    Or your shoes.Lol Nothing like that pungent smell of cat urine when you open your case. Those floating cat hairs, cleaning its rear on the kitchen table, the occasional bout with insanity, scratched up everything and ya still love em. Better than stale beer and cig smoke. Yummy. Really has a...
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    Turtle Guitar

    I have a huge turtle that hangs around my shop that I will feed now and then. I will ask him what he thinks of this issue. Have to admit I am starting to get some ideas. Turtle tone baby! Turtle soup baby! Maybe I could kill the blind skunk that relies on me for food and shelter and make a...