Desert strat
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  • Hi Desert
    Still owe you a mail - ill write it soon...
    Hope x-mas ain't too hard on you:)

    Cheers, Desert Strat! And yeah .... bummer about the thread. Will be seeing you around. :)
    Hi Desert
    Just saw your bedroom pic in that "show your face"-thread...
    Wow, you REALLY know how to make some coooool pics
    I'll drop ya a pm soon
    Miss the good ol days:(
    Hi Desert
    Now that I won't see you so much, I thought I was about time.
    Hope everything's good in Australia
    Thanks for the comment on my telestrat, that was a reall labour of love ,i fitted it out with the best of hardware i took the pickups (texas blues) out of my knopfler strat as i replaced them with suhr fletcher/landau the ones he has in his own strat,,any way the telestrat then the body and headstock got 3 coats of rangerover roja red paint then 4 coats of clear laquer all done at my local car body shop..
    Hi Ds, thanks for asking man!
    The good job doesn't start until January.
    While working at that one I will be living on the job site so I won't be paying rent :)

    September first I left Seattle and I'm staying with my father East of Los Angeles.
    I've been looking for a job to hold me over until January.
    This week I was interviewed by North American Van Lines.
    I'll find out later today if I'll be working tomorrow and Saturday.
    I hope all is well for you too Ds!

    Hey desert strat...... I havn't got any pics, though I will take a few today :)
    It is about time I put a pic up on strat talk.

    My dad gave to me as a gift. I got it off an ambulance officer second hand (he never played it), and I got to try it out for the first time in the hospital ambulence shed lol. The sound was amazing in there :D......
    Aaaawwwwww, Give uuuuuuuup! I'm all choked now! . Trust me, you ain't heard me play! Lol.
    Hi Robert,
    welcome to Strat talk, I live in a very remote part of the Tanami Desert in central Australia. By the sound of it you are remote too. Do you have a Fender Strat ??? and what brings you to your Desert ??
    Regards Michael.
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