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  • I was wondering did the tremolo from guitar fetish fit into your sx sst57 because I'm looking to get one too but I want to make sure it will fit my sx sst57 before I get it. if it did in fact fit, what tremolo did you purchase? thanks !

    -brendan lau
    Hi there. I sent a reply to your email. Not sure if you got it.
    I'm Miles Porter. My older brother is Mark Porter (Drums}
    Rob Graham (Vocals)
    Steve Wood (Rhythm guitar, Keys, Vocals)
    Justin Brown (Lead Guitar, vocals)
    and Bill (Bass, vocals)
    I went with these guys to Melody Shop the day they bought two matching Strats and a P Bass plus three Duel Showmans.

    Mark and Jimmie Vaughan were pretty good friends and still talked once in a while until about ten years ago.
    Rob was too drunk to stay in touch.
    I later played bass in a band with Justin until he moved to Austin and got a pilot's license. I think he does sky tours, but we had a falling out before he moved away.
    Steve moved to Calif and played keys with Kenny Loggins for a while.
    Bill is a graphic artist.
    Bull died years ago.
    Mark was a freelance photographer for about ten years and later became a construction surveyor.

    Regards, Miles
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