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  • Hey Donald, what is the pono player? Do you need to buy new music media for it or will it work with cd's?
    Just a heads up, I posted a NGD thread for you to see when you have the time my friend. Still love that guitar stand you got. :)
    Hello, yes i still have it. Its a good at home amp, even though it can get loud when it breaks up, it's lovely clean, or on the edge too and i'm not a clean fan/player. I was surprised by how fat it sounded or a small 8" speaker amp. I love pine cabinets as they really bring to life tweed amps. It will do the small amp blues thing very well. Nice and touch sensitive.
    Thanks for asking!
    The new one is amazing. Just an all around great guitar.
    I like it much more that my 57avri.
    The 62 is a definite keeper. :)
    Hey Donald buddy!

    If you're chasing tones, BB King's small amp tone is worth the trouble, for sure - I hope you nail it!
    Goodkat took off and has gone fishing, well maybe. He hasn't been on the site for a few days. So I don't know what he is up to.
    Hi Donald, thanks I appreciate that! It may be a day or two I'm not sure.
    I'll post a NGD thread then. Have a good day!
    Oooh, congrats on the new friend ! ;-) Its cool that you're keeping busy. It was my last year of HS this year and I've got Music School next year, so I'll defs learn the meaning of 'short of time' very soon ! Crap, that sounds serious...will I survive FB do you reckon ? :D I agree that social media is stirring a lot of issues these days. Sounds like an informative course !
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