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  • Donald, ya still alive ? :D Haven't seen you post much on FB. I guess I can't say much, having not been on here for a while. Merry X-mas and have a Happy New Year ! Hope work and all is going good for you.
    Loving the CV Don. It has bumped my former No.1 into the 2nd place slot. But I do spend a lot of time thinking about playing her instead of actually doing it. Nah seriously she is lovely, but now my Mim sounds rather cheap and nasty. Must be those Alnico pups. But I will probably never get the bucks to buy a USA made brand new so this will have to do me for now. And thankfully it really does. Hope you had a lovely christmas. And I hope you have a great 2014. Best wishes and painfree GAS. Tyler
    I have 5 Strats, two SE Strats, a Standard Strat, a BUllet Strat, a Bullet HH. I also have two Teles A Squier CVC, and a new Affinity Tele. I also have a Fender Jazz Bass. ..........poppa
    Hi , I upgraded a 20th Anniversary Strat, and sent it to my Son out of state. I put in a loaded pickguard HSS that I got from GFS, the 250k pots and a 0.047uf capacitor really made a huge difference in tone and sound, I did not install a new bridge, but insead, some new saddles that came from GFS, the tuners were not that bad on my Affinity, but I love the vintage style tuners, they would make a large improvment, you may have to use the grommets to make a fit. The Affinity pickups are ok, but if you want a budget set, get a hold of some MIM pups, they will make a huge improvment, check E-Bay. ...poppa
    V He so full of it, of course he minds. Why just the other day he was minding his P's and Q's.
    Enjoying your weekend? I am spending some time with my guitars and having a relaxing weekend.
    Sorry super welcome wagon master, I will not let it happen again. Conditioned on if I can remember what promises I made or how I lied the last time. :)
    Ok dudes, please support my entry in the Fender picture contest "you won't part with yours either". You can vote for me here:
    Good morning to you Donald, I am on the up swing from that flu that I was struck with. I don't feel 100 % just yet, but better each day.
    Hey. Thought I would send this to say have a good weekend on The Other Side of the big pond. It's fun talking to guitar guys from all over the planet. Later from East Texas!
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