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    Artificial “Relic” and “Roadworn” guitars.

    Oh horsepoop. This has been clickbait now for nearly a couple of decades. While we're on the subject, however, I have to note that I've picked up a couple of guitars that looked dinged and dented in photographs, but that cleaned up to near mint. And my first-ever guitar, a 12-string 335 from...
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    Oly white +20 years

    Depends on the "poly." Older polyurethane will turn yellow, but generally not as yellow as a nitrocellulose clear. Current variants of UV-catalyzed polyester don't change all that much. That's why car manufacturers use that instead of older paints.
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    Artificial “Relic” and “Roadworn” guitars.

    I don't agree with this, but here's another option: There are a number of small companies out there who make transit vinyl wraps for guitars. This is the same material that's used to wrap taco trucks, NASCAR racers and racer boi Lamborghinis. It's tough, but it can be removed. I've got photos...
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    Randy Bachman Reunited With His Stolen Guitar

    It's just not the same if a groupie "returns" after 45 years. Walkers, oxygen generators, etc.
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    Thinking I am having a mid life crisis

    Huh. You mean there are people who DON'T have horse masks?
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    Calling All Guitar Adjusters: What was your game changer?

    I learned that sometimes you just have to take the guitar to the guy who does the fret superglue and does a run on the PLEK machine (in exchange for vast quantities of filthy lucre). The other game changing piece of knowledge I acquired was, "Never buy a guitar with a Bigsby and an unsecured...
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    Thinking I am having a mid life crisis

    No, he's right. The middle pickup sounds like a P90 On estrogen.
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    Thinking I am having a mid life crisis

    I thought Clapton always played Malarkey.
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    Thinking I am having a mid life crisis

    The difference between a Convertible and a Pervertible? In a Pervertible, the driver goes down.
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    Thinking I am having a mid life crisis

    No, no, not the Metal Zone!!! Girls' clothes just fly off when you stomp on that thing. Mine, too.
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    Getting new fuel tank today

    My ex traded our Lotus Europa TC (with turbocharger and brand new fatter tires) for a used Volkswagen Fox station wagon after the divorce. A year later she griped at me that she only got $1600 for the Lotus at the VW dealer. And that the VW Fox was a piece of junk. I mentioned that I'd seen...
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    How many guitar per year per master builder ?

    Standing there. Critiquing his work. Discussing what to get for lunch.
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    How many guitar per year per master builder ?

    Three. Two for me and one for someone in Dubai. Or Dubuque. Whatever.
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    What do y’all think this switch does?

    Windshield washers.
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    No rehearsals, no net, no helmets, barely remember each other.

    These guys *brought* the beer and tacos. We had to clean up hot sauce.

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