Guitarist & bassist, pro musician since 1975. Beyond playing in bands I've also been a recording engineer, session musician, music producer, live soundman, owner of two recording studios, and sound designer for several musicals.

Guitars are Strats, Teles, Les Pauls, Firebirds, an SG Custom, various PRSs vintage & modern, a Gibson Johnny A Custom, a James Tyler Studio Custom, DT McNaught VDC and VSC, MusicMan Albert Lee & Armada, a Parker Fly, a BC Rich Mockingbird, a Zerberus Chimaira, a Backlund 400, a Backlund 100DLX, an Epi Wildkat, a Vox SSC55 goldtop, MIJ guitars from Tokai, Edwards, Greco, Burny & Orville, coupla Hagstroms, 2 oddball Eko axes, and acoustics 1948-1985 from Martin, Gibson, Guild, Supro & Ovation, plus half a dozen assorted basses.

Ampwise, I'm mostly a Boogie man. 70s vintage Mark II- one of the very first, from when Randy was still handbuilding 'em at home in his shed. Also have an 80s Son Of Boogie. But since the early 90s my gig rig has been a Mesa Triaxis with a 20:20 and Marshall cabs. Also have a Friedman head with a custom built Celestion-loaded cab, a couple of old blackface Fenders, a pair of mid-60s Sivertones, and a nice mid-50s Magnatone 113 combo.
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