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  • Hey man - did you ever swap out the tuners on your MIJ for vintage style? If so how did it go? I may do the same to mine....thanks!
    I'm not real hot on green anything... I've been trying to sell a CAR Nashville tele for a while and a guy offered me a Surf Green Strat (I was looking for Rosewood with 3 tone, go figure). He sent me the guitar to try and if I liked it, I would send him the Tele... The color was like a giant chicklet! I know a lot of guys dig 'em, just not for me... but then I really want a Shell Pink Strat.... Waddya gonna do?
    I'm the same. I like it and use it, but miss the neck+middle position.

    I've seriously been thinking of re-wiring it to a standard five way (or a four-way?) with a push/pull pot to get the bridge pickup on any time...
    I love it. Soon as I first played it, I knew i had to have one. I must have played five or six before I found one (on clearance).

    Those 57/62 pickups sound absolutely fantastic.

    And I love the neck!

    It took me about a split second to figure out how much I liked the locking tuners.

    I wasn't sure about the trem at first, but it works so finely I cannot find anything to complain about!

    Good to find another CP50 owner! I hear a lot of love for the CP60's... I like the CS69's, but cannot get over the flat fretboard radius...
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