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    Show off your Squier

    I can't remember if I shared this or not but, here is my SRV Lenny clone that I made from a MIK Squier.
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    That Killer Budget Build - Let's See It!

    This is a SRV Lenny tribute that I built a year ago made from a Squier. I have about $250 in it. Squier CN strat from Guitar Center $75 Full copper shielding $8, GFS Vintage staggered pups $56 PIO .047 cap $3 Alpha 250K pots $7 Fender MIM bridge $10 bone nut $5 Fender Kluson style...
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    Whats your age?

    I'm 48 and some days when I get out of bed I feel like I'm 88. LOL
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    Whos loves Squire Guitars?

    I love Squiers. Ever since I bought a CV60 strat I've been hooked. I have since sold that one and bought a CV thinline. Plus I have 2 Squier partscaster strats. As far as mods, the thinline got cloth push-back wiring, and an Orange Drop cap. The partscasters got the full treatment. Necks...
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    Been thinking of adding a squier tele suggestions??

    You may be able to pick up a nice Squier Classic Vibe tele for that. I have a Classic Vibe thinline and it is great!
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    SRV Lenny build

    Thanks for the compliments Tee. I think it's a wrap for this baby. There are a few minor things I may do to it but for now I'm just going to enjoy playing her. I don't have any sound bites yet so you can hear how she sounds but, I played her in church on Sunday and she did well. :grin:
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    Classic Vibe Owners Club

    That is stunning Tee!
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    SRV Lenny build

    Here is a better close up of the the body.
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    SRV Lenny build

    Thanks a lot Skocir89.
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    SRV Lenny build

    I ended up having a buddy of mine cut the nut with his nut files. He also set it up for me. She plays like a dream now! I let another friend of mine play it and he said it plays better than the CS version of it. :D Like I said, I have some Fender MIM standard pups in it for now. Not real...
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    NGD Classic Vibe

    I almost bought one of these but I happen to find a CV thinline and bought it. That looks great man! I know you will enjoy it. Welcome aboard.
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    All about the Relic

    I wasn't really into relics either until I decided to build this SRV Lenny. I think they are pretty cool if they are done right.
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    Pay It Forward Thread - Post your Free Stuff and Check Here If Looking For Something

    I forgot about this thread! There were some things that I could have used for my Squier "Lenny" build. Anyway, I have some Washburn tuners that I pulled from a guitar if someone wants them. Pay $5.00 for shipping and they are yours. I will post pictures later. Does anyone have a strap they...
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    SRV Lenny build

    Thanks again! I may eventually get those things I'm lacking to make it complete but for now I think I'm just going to enjoy playing it. :). I got her put all together and started the setup process. I ran into a little problem though with the nut. I borrowed a set of guitar nut saws from a...

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