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  • Senior Stratmaster,
    I'm an old guitar picker from northern Saskatchewan in Canada.I used to play in rock&roll bands in the early sixties doing the Ventures, Fireballs, Champs, etc, but believe it or not -I just purchased my first Fender American Strat on ebay,and the old excitement is strting to come back.I would be delighted if you would allow this old "canuck" to join your forum.
    Kindly advise,
    Eddy Jaye

    I am interested in an American Standard Stratocaster, which serial number starts with N903.

    Is there something important (problems, diferent materials, pick ups, etc) about this production serie?

    Many thanks,
    I hope it was the best birthday yet. I remember getting my first electric guitar when I was 16-I had saved up my money from my restaurant job and bought a cheap Les Paul copy that was built by a company called 'TRUMP'-it was okay for a starter guitar anyway.
    Next step was to borrow an amp to try it out-my retired neighbor had an Epiphone tube amp that actually sounded nice and he let me borrow-till I invited some friends to jam-he then promptly wanted it back...Ha, such is the musicians' life!:twisted:
    Hey, I noticed you had a birthday, (I think so anyway.....:oops:)--hope it was great and that you got some cool music gear!
    hiya mate,i,m just starting to post again,been checkin in lying low,nice to hear from ya,i,m playing and practising a lot lately too,i,m staying around though catch you soon
    Appreciate the request. I really like this board and all the people I've met on it so far.
    whatsup man
    thanks for the friend request
    i noticed you said you have tex mex pickups
    how are those compared to the stock ones??
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