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    Which Colour do I go with? - About to pull the trigger!

    1) Blonde 2) Burst 3) Mocha
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    Would You Play Hard Rock on a Strat With a Natural Finish ?

    Fast Eddie Clarke played hard rock on a Natural Finish so the answer is "yes!"
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    A Stratocaster is better than a Les Paul because?

    Because it was Jimi's favourite guitar.
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    I miss the Fender Stratocaster 70s classic series!

    I have one (Natural - RW) and it's my favourite Strat.
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    NGD - and it's so original...

    BEAUTIFUL! Congrats!!!
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    NGD and first post.

    Welcome and HNGD! What a beauty!
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    NGD - Am Performer. So long CV 60s

    Congrats and HNGD! She's a beauty!
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    NGD - Robert Cray Stratocaster

    She's a real beauty! Congrats!
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    My new American Pro II Strat

    What a beauty! HNGD!
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    Who is your all time fav strat player

    Not Eric Clapton.
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    New Cray Day

    What a beautiful guitar! HNGD!
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    NGD American Professional II

    HNGD! She's a beauty!!!