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  • Hey Extra you'll have to go over and check out the pic I just put up on my album page! Met 'Da Man' last nite and had a blast!!!
    thanks for the comment that amp is the dogz dangleys ..crank her up and watch the valves glow from clear and smooth as glass down to gutsy raw blues ,,it,s just superb ..
    Thanks man so far it feels like home. Its nice to be new to something and be well recieved. so far its been great. I have fallen in love with Fender Guitars and my new playing style. I hope to have some pics of my guitars and rig on here asap. I checked out your link and im really liking "Dangerous mood". it sounds the like it is played a half step down and the leads are A minor pentitonic. im on my lap top so im just guessing. sounds great through.
    Just listened to alot of your tunes on your music page You realy tear it up . Sounds great! You like em extra crispy I like em over easy and over again
    I've had the L5 since 1978. The thing is a complete monster.

    They are a great amp, when I got mine it needed some power supply caps and it was ready to go-the proper caps were actually in stock at Radio Shack at the time. My amp is now overheating and there is a thermal shutdown circuit that's built into the amp--it gives me about 5 minutes of playing before shutdown...:mad:
    I have the schematics and manual too, I got it from Moog when they owned that division of Norlin-excellent literature to say the least!!:)

    I'm currently playing a Marshall AVT-50 for gigs-nice clean channel and a nicely saturated lead channel-I sure spend a lot of time on that overdrive channel!!!!:twisted:
    Hey EC, I didn't know you had a L5 Lab Series. I have one too, but it needs some repair work that I haven't gotten around to--Great tone in those amps. B B King played in town (Carbondale IL) last Winter and he used one all night-the rhythm guy had a Lab L7 and a Gibson Byrdland.
    Nice collection of guitars! I love that bluish Stratocaster with the blue pickguard. That black Telecaster doesn't look half bad either!
    You got some great stuff going on!!Gave your soundclick page a thorough listening,,,Some rockin tunes happening!!!!
    ok, sorry. I saw a picture similar to one of your's over there. so, you're over on gibson-talk, too. johnreardon and anfontan are over there, also. how ya been ? brent
    Hey EC,

    I brew beer for a living. I'm the head brewer at a microbrewery in Colorado. I've been a pro since 1995, but I got into it by catching the homebrew bug first.
    " Are there hot chicks there?" shhhhhh don't let the wife find out. she thinks that I'm just playing on the computer. ha ha
    hey EC, John Reardon started a social group for those of us over a certain age. just click on the "Quick Links" button and scroll down to "Social Groups". it's called "The Old Folks Home". you're welcome to join us.
    Ah, good story! I grew up about 90 min drive from Kalispell, in a little town called Trout Creek, MT.
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