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    Best 5 and 15 watt amps?

    That VOX AC4TV is supposed to be great. Good choice man! The next amp I'm getting is a VOX Night Train half stack to run stereo with my Egnater Rebel half stack... that would be sweet.
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    New Strat caster

    Welcome to the forum!
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    Can anybody I.D. this strat?

    That is a beautiful guitar... the price is $500? I would go for it man... pretty pretty guitar.
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    American Standard or Highway One???

    Definitely go with the used US standard... especially if you feel like you're getting a deal on it.
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    Random Thoughts Thread

    OoOo yeah, what is wrong with the world today... what is wrong with the world today, *hmmmanahhhmmm*....
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    It's that time again...

    Pumpkin pie is my hands down favorite of the season, really of the year. I wish pumpkin wasn't just seasonal... pumpkin pie and cool whip... mmmmm...
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    OCD or Lovepedal Eternity?

    That's gonna sound great! Let me know how they sound side by side!
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    OCD or Lovepedal Eternity?

    Ha yeah man there is alot of confusion with all the different versions! If it makes you feel any better, Richard Fortus made the Lovepedal Eternity his overdrive pedal. Says it's "Heads and tails above everything else!" What an endorsement... I know I'm gonna add a few Lovepedals to my pedalboard.
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    OCD or Lovepedal Eternity?

    The Eternity series in Lovepedals is great, amazing really. Which Eternity pedal are you getting?
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    Random Thoughts Thread

    :LOL: that's pretty funny. Girls with guitars always have AT LEAST 1 point more on the 1-10 scale... that's one reason why I love my girl so much... when she has that guitar in her hands... its all over.
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    Random Thoughts Thread

    lolipop, lolipop, oooooh loooooooli-looolipop
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    Dating from SN?

    Might as well have been '87 :wink: no I was throwing out a rough estimate. Glad you cleared it up. Thank you!
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    It's that time again...

    I feel ya man. Sometimes a beer can't do what hot cider or hot chocolate can. A nice balance is respected in my opinion.
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    Random Thoughts Thread

    I knew it was too good to be true...