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    An ambient attempt….

    Very relaxing Stratobiker; nice one.
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    Simple Man, Graham Nash 1970

    Graham Nash; ex Hollies. Beautiful song and vocal performaance Rene.
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    Name, Justin Bieber Cover by Clarissa

    Very nice the pair of you. Keep up the good work Rene.
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    Moonshadow - Cat Stevens

    Great song and rendition Maplego.
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    At The Dark End Of The Street

    Very soothing Howard; great playing too.
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    War Pigs !

    Nice one Stone; perhaps the vocals could be a little louder. (Not meant to be a criticism.)
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    I Can't Tell You Why, Eagles 1978

    Not familiar with this Eagles song, but good stuff Rene.
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    Done Somebody Wrong

    Good stuff WW.
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    Fair In The Field

    Great guitar work, beautiful song and vocals Rene; nice one.
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    Rock Me - Great White

    Love the guitar work Mouse; great stuff.
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    AM I OUT OF LINE - A beaty rock ballad

    Thank you so much Rene for the listen and your kind comments.
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    AM I OUT OF LINE - A beaty rock ballad

    Thanks for the listen Mouse, very much appreciated. As regards the lyrics, they are not my thoughts anout the fairer sex, it's the way the song panned out and everybody needs a bit of artistic licence! Not meant to be offensive and if that's the case I apologise.
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    Peace Frog

    Good stuff SS,love it.
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    Somewhere Over The Rainbow, 1939

    Cool song, great rendition Rene; nice one.
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    The Twisted Man

    Nice one Brian.