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    Need help on any info. on my 1964 strat. body witrh a 1967 strat neck

    But at least it’s a real fake!
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    help / advice needed, woodworms in my new ultra luxe strat

    Hey, that definitely looks like something is wrong! Are the holes through the poly finish? Can you stick a toothpick or something in there? I’d definitely call the store about this…
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    Polishing frets?

    I’ve been using micro mesh I got from a eBay shop specialised in model planes etc: Ranges from 1800 to 12000 grit. I used masking tape to protect the fretboard, started with the lowest grit and worked my way up to 12k- let me tell you, these frets were like a mirror and played absolutely awesomely!
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    A different NGD

    Nice, looks like lots of space :)
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    I killed my own rabbit…

    Thats terrible, i am so sorry :(
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    Would you rather have a vintage Strat or a Ferrari?

    To be completely honest, neither… if I had to take one, I’d take the Ferrari and sell it again. Then, I’d spend the rest of my days shopping around guitar stores and just trying whatever they get in, buying what I like. Or collect certain production series, like the AV(RI) series, or Japanese...
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    Grocery store pricing themselves out of their market

    Yup, that’s what I’ve been noticing too but we have managed so far.
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    Deluxe Power Stratocaster

    Lovely burst but the PG is… something.
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    Any beekeeper in here?

    My wife keeps bees on our property :)
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    Just One More Computer Question then I'll ****

    Uhh… get a Tele?
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    Another question: how much does battered finish affect value? *New pics third page

    Ah, makes sense, was just confused. I can definitely understand how that happens- I wear belts at all times so scratches from the buckle are not avoidable!
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    Another question: how much does battered finish affect value? *New pics third page

    Looks nice, but what’s the relation to the content of the thread? Maybe I miss the point lol
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    Lana Del Rey playing a Strat

    I love Lana del Rey, big fan from the very start but she isn’t famous for playing the guitar lol. She writes great songs and has a really great voice, plus I like her whole image, but no idea about the guitar, doesn’t really matter in the end I guess. She used to strum am Flying V back in the...