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Oct 22, 2009
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Aug 19, 1965 (Age: 54)
New Joisey!
    1. montemerrick
      just wondering if youre settled in Seattle and how its all going... hope you come back around the old strat-talk parts again soon...
    2. Stark
      Hi, buddy.

      I'm sorry you were offended by the worst band ever thread. That was not my intention.
      1. fumbler
        No worries. I wasn't offended. I just figure there's already enough negativity online. No need to go looking for more.
        Mar 10, 2016
    3. strattarts
      Hi, Fumbler
      I don't know you or anything, but saw some comments you left with regard to
      a fellow strat-talk member's post on a ground buzz problem. I just posted a post in both the tech section and the pickups section (same post) about a buzz I'm trying to hunt down. If you've got time, I wondered if you might give a look. If not that's fine. Just trying to fix up a guitar for a friend and spending waaay too much time on it for the $30 I'm charging him for about 15 hours work, lol. Anyway....thanks.
    4. stratman in va
      stratman in va
      You really helped out the guy with the Affinity guitar with the nut issues. Way to go !
    5. Rogue Bohemian
      Rogue Bohemian
      That was some nice things you said in the fret thread. Thanks!
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    Aug 19, 1965 (Age: 54)
    New Joisey!
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    silverface twin, line6 DT25, hd500

    1, 2 and 3. Custom Warmoth Strat-type-objects
    4. 1980 LP standard
    5. Gretsch 5420
    6. beat-up mediocre Fender strat
    7. Yamaha acoustic
    8. no-name classical


    "IMHO, taking your guitar to someone else for a basic setup is like taking your car to the dealer so they can adjust the seat for you." - Me

    Some of my playing:
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