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  • i know members come and go and once i got into a mild pissing contest with louis cypher re: working skills on an acoustic versus working on an electric guitar...then i saw a thread asking about his whereabouts...i know he liked to mix it up a bit...has he been banned for good?

    Mike V
    Arghhh! You locked that wonderfully crazy Les Paul thread! I had JUST got a price comparison where the cost of a 1969 LP in today's dollars is about $2500!

    But it was obviously a troll thing. No matter! Have a good one!
    no problem. i'll save the standard neck for you. as for the black bullet body, i honestly can't use it. post it on this forum and/or ebay. someone will want it for a Gilmour strat I'm sure.
    the Standard neck is probably very similar to a Fender neck. the Affinity is narrower so people with smaller hands tend to like it.
    i have an Affinity Rosewood Neck with tuners, nut and string trees. also a Squier Standard Strat Rosewood Neck with tuners, nut and string trees. both necks are near mint. very little playing time. both nice necks.

    I'd like $40 for the Affinity and $50 for the Standard if you're interested.
    im starting to feel like i fit in again/but i feeling those surviviour blues again,i dont want to fall down again need help ,james
    hey wolf long time no see im wondering if i was having problems with strat talk caring a virus of somesort or if it came from somewhere else?about a month ago things got strage and my computer darn near crashed i havnt been active on the sight so justb wondering if i missed something?take care and god bless, james
    What? Ghostwolf has not received any visitor messages? Well lucky me I get to be first. What's up Big Dawg? Hope all's well with you.
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