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Jan 5, 2009
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    1. texred
      jEEZ. yOU coulda said bye. Get tired of talking to myself.
    2. texred
      Hmmm. Look! There's a bird dog in your bidness
    3. Rogue Bohemian
      Rogue Bohemian
      Hey, brother! Could you delete my cadaver thread. It is offensive to some. And Barb is worried about it getting to her work and having a problem. My apologies for posting it. It was in fun. Big mistake, though.
      1. ghostwolf
        will do
        Jun 15, 2016
    4. Hugh
      hey Wolf, did Malikon close his site down ?
    5. stratman323
      Good morning wolf. I started a couple of threads in the Guitars For Sale section yesterday, but I have been asked to move them by bblooz as they should be in the Miscellaneous section instead as they are for pedals & pickups. I hadn't noticed that there is a Miscellaneous section, to be honest! I believe that only mods can move stuff like this? If so, could you please move them for me? Thanks, Mike
    6. sevycat
      You ever use an eq pedal for your amp to shape the sound? I am thinking about getting one, but don't want to add hiss to the mix. Do you by chance know of a brand/model to look at?
    7. tommytele
      i know members come and go and once i got into a mild pissing contest with louis cypher re: working skills on an acoustic versus working on an electric guitar...then i saw a thread asking about his whereabouts...i know he liked to mix it up a bit...has he been banned for good?

      Mike V
    8. mutato
      Arghhh! You locked that wonderfully crazy Les Paul thread! I had JUST got a price comparison where the cost of a 1969 LP in today's dollars is about $2500!

      But it was obviously a troll thing. No matter! Have a good one!
    9. guitarvegas
      He sent me hate threatening youtube messages tonight. (see introductions threads..."Introducing a Toxic Situation". He was on another forum that I used to be a part of, they all basically spit and cursed at me until I was forced to leave. Now he has followed me here and is bullying me to get out because I am poisoning this place (and everyplace I go for that matter). I have no peace anymore. Other people on this forum feel the same way. I can give you the transcripts on Monday and you can have them for your records...I will be more than glad to do so. Thanks
    10. guitarvegas
      ATTENTION MODERATORS....PLEASE BAN LOUIS CYFER NOW. He is only here in this world to spread forum communication terror, hatred and hell amongst us other fellow peace makers. LET IT BE KNOWN this person is an evil force. Do away with his presence for good. If you need proof I have it.
    11. nicole
      hi ghostwolf. just saying hi and wishing you a good day. love your forum. : )
    12. uberdavidson
      Got a nasty-gram about the post I put up. Sorry, I thought I was in the Vendor Forum. I did another, shorter post in the Vendor Forum. Let me know if all is OK. New here and don't want to ruffle any feathers, thanks, Sean Davidson. (uberdavidson)
    13. mijstratsq
      totally useless thats how i feel.and i know its the harvest.becouse at night i feel almost human again.in the morning ill feel like a truck ran over me.its that bad totally useless.by the first week of nov.ill feel decent again.it sucks but im glad its not worse.you and i know it could always be worse.jimmy
    14. mijstratsq
      i just wanted to say hi.i hope all is well with you.ive been working and dealing with my allergies.its harvest time in indy and its kicking my ass.can i come stay with you next oct.jk i wont be here next oct.ill prob.visit my friend mike in denver.take care my best strattalk buddy.jimmy
    15. mijstratsq
      thanks for asking.im doing well. ive been working so much lately i havnt been around st much.i hope all is well with you.
    16. peskypesky
      no problem. i'll save the standard neck for you. as for the black bullet body, i honestly can't use it. post it on this forum and/or ebay. someone will want it for a Gilmour strat I'm sure.
    17. peskypesky
      the Standard neck is probably very similar to a Fender neck. the Affinity is narrower so people with smaller hands tend to like it.
    18. peskypesky
      i have an Affinity Rosewood Neck with tuners, nut and string trees. also a Squier Standard Strat Rosewood Neck with tuners, nut and string trees. both necks are near mint. very little playing time. both nice necks.

      I'd like $40 for the Affinity and $50 for the Standard if you're interested.
    19. mijstratsq
      im starting to feel like i fit in again/but i dont.im feeling those surviviour blues again,i dont want to fall down again need help ,james
    20. mijstratsq
      hey wolf long time no see im wondering if i was having problems with strat talk caring a virus of somesort or if it came from somewhere else?about a month ago things got strage and my computer darn near crashed i havnt been active on the sight so justb wondering if i missed something?take care and god bless, james
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