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  • Geez, my page has got pretty dusty hasn't it! I'm busy on a sheep farm these joke, haha. :) Peace.
    Aaah .... Robin Food and Little John, walking through the foooorest, hoo-de-lally, hoo-de-lally, golly what a day! :p
    V He sold off all his guitars, got a sex change operation, and joined a tractor forum. Oh, wait... this isn't the lie thread, what was I thinking?
    Hey KirnTeleAJ
    Bladdy nice to see you again:)
    The holiday went too fast of course, but it was a good one ...
    How's your Tele doing these days?? Good I hope, and I hope you shout out loud at the end of the day "I HAVE BLISTERS ON MY FINGERS"
    And now .. Get to Bladdy bed:) Liam
    Hej AJ,

    Thought I should pop in and say G'day mate. Hope your going well, how's you Kirn tele going?? I expect you have naturally reliced it from playing it 24/7 by now. I have been fairly busy, with work and doing the odd build. I have also been spending a lot of time on the Cigar Box nation forums as well.

    Have a good Easter break. Cheers.
    V Thanks for that time sensitive response! Remind me not to make you my on call Doctor anytime in the future :)
    Happy new year KirnAJ
    Did I ever see a pic of your new tele?? Where can I find one??
    It's so bladdy cold here btw, so enjoy the Christchurch summer
    Take care tomorrow, and be careful out there
    Thanks AJ !! Merry Christmas to you too !! Am loving our Kiwi summer bbq Christmas traditions ! I hope you are having a break and enjoying your family and friends :) jj...
    Merry Christmas and a happy new year AJ....... there I said it, I hope Xchurch isn't too hot for ya !!! :)
    Am I going to tell you a story, no. So what I am going to tell you about is the new purchase I just made. Can you guess what it is? It's a Sandwich!
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