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    1. Jeanmerlet
      Is the 1995 American Strat Still available? I have about a million guitars in my collection and I'm sure I have something that you might be interested in trading for. Just tell me what you are looking for in terms of brand or style. Thanks!
    2. B Valley
      B Valley
      We have tickets for Tedeschi Trucks as well. My Wife wasn't too interested until she heard Robert Cray was also playing. I didn't get tickets for Joe Walsh, but I did get seats for Yes/Procol Harum. Really excited to see the new Talking Stick.
    3. B Valley
      B Valley
      I just got tickets for Eric Johnson at MIM August 28th. Are you going?
    4. B Valley
      B Valley
      A couple cool things coming up, the Tempe Guitar Show on March 24th, and the Fender Show at The Compound on April 27th.
      I'll be pretty busy for the next month, but let me know if you want to get together.
    5. B Valley
      B Valley
      My wife and I are going to see Joe Louis Walker at the Compound on the 6th. Are you going?
    6. dfosterinc775
      see what they want , im always interested, mia, purple metallic, and id still do the finders fee, if its not to expensive, find out what year if you could,,, thaks df
    7. dfosterinc775
      sorry, not into trades, appreciate the offer though,,good luck
    8. banjarfool
      Hello, dont know if you got my message but let me know what kinda deal you had in mind and maybe we can do something..
    9. GEOSSTRAT98
      yep thats the same as mine,,,,thanx,,,,it even has the same color trem springs and skunk stripe color,,,mine has a tone control detent at 10,on the bottom pot
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