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  • Hey Gyp remember me? I only come on here every other week or so. I just got done building a LH Hendrix strat! Has the Hendrix ingraved metal neckplate, and a Hendrix signature headstock. I've added a couple of Jimi's lyrics to the inside pu pockets. Added a set of Jimi's Axis: Bold As love strings to it too! I'm going to add pics of it to my Album page when I get a chance. How 'bout you, what have you been up too?
    Hey Gyp how's it hangin' buddy? I just seen a pic someone has as their avatar of Jimi playing the drums and thought of you. lol Take care my friend- Wayne
    Who was the guitarist playing Redhouse on Palladia's concert fender stratocaster 50th anniversary?
    nice video! :) always nice to see someone play something other than srv style blues here :)
    yea i hadnt seen you :)

    no bullet? lazy :D. those 60s mims are pretty amazing though :). i tried to buy a shell pink 60s mij, but i am too cheap :)
    Hey Gyp, next time you're on check out my new vintage '82 Greco SE600 strat. I've been hunting one forever and finally one popped up for sale! I've only seen two others like it with the C82xxxx serial number!
    Gyp, It's time for you to break open your piggy bank! I just seen there's a Hendrix white '63 strat FOR SALE on Rockstarguitars.com Go check it out.
    Hi Gyp, You should try and track down a copy of that film, I think you might enjoy it. I also just now added two pics of my Lennon replica strat that I finally finished yesterday. It's a replica of the same one that John is holding in my avitar. I still haven't finished putting that 3 way switch in my blonde strat! lol
    Hey Gyp, Are you familar with the 1986 movie 'Crossroads' with Ralph Macchio using a blonde tele in it? Guess what? I'm getting a Squier butterscotch tele later this week signed by Ralph! Can't wait!! From what I understand Ralph still has the movie Fender tele and Arlen Roth has the blonde Squier backup tele signed by all the cast members. The one I'm getting is the only tele I've ever seen signed by Ralph! I'll post some pics of it on my homepage when it arrives. Take care my friend- Wayne.
    Hi Gyp, I haven't been on for a long time too! lol Just came over to see what was going on. Hope you have been ok. The strap sounds to be a beauty! Keep on rockin' in the free world Gyp!! It was 47 yrs. ago just about now that four young guys went on American tv and changed the whole world forever!!
    Sure does. The best they had were a Jimi Hendrix coat, a JEM 10th played in Singapore by Steve Vai and a red strat played by Eric Clapton in Singapore.
    I just dropped by the Hard Rock Cafe in Singapore and was utterly disappointed by the lack of "valuable" hardware on display. Mostly just plain simple signed gear that didn't even look like the stuff the artists associated with them would use = (
    Oh well tell me if you do. Do you know how to adjust the tone pot on wahs? You could adjust the one on your crybaby to match that of a Vox [sorta]. :)
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