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    I'm gonna play my guitar for the rest of the night now

    Good idea! Its pretty much non-debateable that black sounds best any way. 🤣
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    What has been your experience with used gear prices lately?

    Seems like prices in my area are just starting to trend back down. There are folks trying to hang onto the higher price listings, but those guitars don’t seem to be moving as quickly as before. My guess with a recession looming, money is going to get tighter and prices will level again...
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    Rickenbacker Guitars

    My first, back in the early 70’s. The one I’ll never part with….
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    Post a current picture with one of your guitars !

    One Live One not
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    Random No.1 pix pls

    Oh wait….electric? Probably have to be this one.
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    Random No.1 pix pls

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    How much relic is too much?

    Exactly, it’s only a relic through natural wear by playing it.
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    Ever figure out your vocal range?

    Following this thread. I need to check my range. It’s definitely narrowing as I age. I’m not really sure if that’s due to age or less use, however.
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    SG to a Strat

    I’m not sure what the used market is in Australia, but an American Made Standard 2012-16 is a great place to start. Here it’s fairly easy to find a lightly played, in excellent condition guitar that has been sitting in someone’s closet.
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    My hero

    If he’s got a job, he’s solidly booked his 2 weeks of vacation.
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    Vox vs Fender Blackface - helpful ways to describe the sounds

    Yeah, it sounds like a distorted mess rather than a clean mess.