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    Nothing to see here...

    Nothing is a some thing thingy thing... surely 🤷
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    My next video will be an animation

    Well I'll be Damned!
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    Summer's gone...

    It's a brand name I'll be looking at again 🙂
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    War Pigs !

    🔥👹🔥 Good job!
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    The feel of a Fender VS the feel of a Gibson

    Never been able to justify spending the big money on a decent Gibson... I'm in the sub grand cost group so I've gone for Fender
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    Summer's gone...

    Time to put on those jumpers! Here's a photo of some 1/4" shaft control knobs, plectrum included...
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    I'm at a complete loss for words here!

    Lord o' mercy! I believe miracles can happen, Believer... 😬
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    NGD! WOOO! 1st T-style!

    The sustain of these boat anchors soothes my lumbago... HNGD, well done
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    Friday, Beer/Cider, GAS, Payday, Window Shopping at Reverb - What can possibly go wrong?

    Now if you earn £150k p.a. you will be £5k better off! I just need a £150k p.a. job...
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    HNGD What pups is she packin', 490's? 🤤
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    Just ordered my first Custom Shop guitar

    What colour have you gone for?
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    Streaks in rosewood fretboard (American Original 60s strat)

    Tonnes and tonnes of it. A tactically placed factory?
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    For those that are .......................

    Classic beatniks to Hippie, I blame the guitarist!... 🧐