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    NGD post-divorce #1 guitar era

    Wot was the really expensive guitar you bought that caused the divorce? HNGD, good luck being free again...
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    Free postage? Hopefully it'll do the job...
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    I dig the production on this and other stuff from this "punk" band.

    150 BPM, keep solo's down to 8-9 bars and self defecation?
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    Go ahead, start one more thread about Eric Clapton and Covid.

    Always get those two mixed up😉
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    She looks very similar to the Strat-Talk logo guitar. Under $900 !, it's a steal, well done HNGD 😎👍
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    Had to get another one

    Cool guitar man, well done
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    NGD ish

    Looking good, well done 👍
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    I don’t want to become a bedroom player

    I'm getting outta the bedroom soon... the Missus going to visit her Father. Yah!, I'll be a living room player again... 😜👍
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    Did you ever get GAS for something you used to have no interest in?

    The new guitar supply chain is painfully slow 🐌
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    Vivlex mini pedals

    Been playing around with these little guys and find them quite entertaining... small things satisfy small minds and all that lols But seriously, if space is at a premium, you have small feet and have a small budget. These only cost a little over £20 GBP each and they do a job. The knobs are...
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    NGD! 2020 Gibson SG Special!

    Cool guitar man, well done
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    Where do you stick it????

    Usually 3, as it comes. But 4 if I chose, thicker piece of wood there
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    Are those keys tuned to EADG? 🙄