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  • Thanks for the request. Cheers.
    Hi just wondering if you had the time to finish off your great thread about the life of the stratocaster.

    It's a fantastic read and really helpful, will understand if your busy.

    Thanks in advance.
    me too!
    my computer been broken and i got it fixed only to see that you arent around anymore

    i hope your alright bro, im missin ya
    Hey hendrixfan, just checkin in to see if your ok? looks like Nick beat me to it, lol.
    Agree with Nick about your Strat recognition thread - brilliant!
    Anyway, i don't know what kicked off, but i hope your gonna stick around, the forum needs your enthusiasm!
    Take care mate, hope to see you around soon - Jimi
    Hi, I really hope you're still around, though sadly haven't seen any posts of yours for a while. I gather you came in for some criticism about so many posting....especially cruel regarding your brilliant Strat recognition thread. All I can say is please stick around and don't let those prats get you down. Cheer and all the best, Nick
    No problem, I have been at my dads for a few days, using his shop to build guitars.
    hendrixfan, what's up and thanks for reaching out . Again i'm new to this site and don't know how to conversate to and fro, back and forth. I'm trying to post my "squire strat '98" but seem to be having a little trouble.
    Hi, didn't catch your real name Hendrixfan but thanks for you message. It's a pleasure to get your friendship request. If you're ever down Cornwall way for whatever reason, do let me know as it'd be great to meet up. Cheers for now,
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