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    First strat, afraid to choose the wrong color

    Don’t worry about the color. If you pick the best playing Strat, you’ll be buying another one soon! Ian SoCal
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    Fake? Is this Hendrix strat real? Help!

    I can post pictures of mine if anyone is interested. Completely agree, non-genuine article. Ian SoCal
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    Rattlecan Fail

    No! Not in mine either. It looks good! Ian SoCal
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    Word of warning

    I think it’s a lacquer or something similar. It could be vacuum deposited ‘something‘ it was that thin a coating. Doesn’t matter now . . . it‘ gone! Ian
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    Word of warning

    I really wanted Duraglit, but I don’t think it exists anymore. I was looking for something with minimal abrasion and thought the wadding version may be that. Seems not! I‘ve used Brasso as compound to cut paint finish if I had nothing else. Ian
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    Word of warning

    I don’t like gold hardware so the unintended result was really a silver (see what I did there?) lining. The only down side is every part has to be polished to remove all trace of the gold! Ian Socal
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    Word of warning

    I bet that Martin 12 String must sound glorious! ian SoCal
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    Word of warning

    Mine too! Fortunately . . . Ian
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    Word of warning

    I went about doing all the normal things I do to a newly acquired used guitar; clean and oil the fretboard, polish the body, polish the hardware, new strings and then start working on the setup on my new, to me, Ibanez EW40 Acoustic. It seems like a lovely little guitar. I had ordered some...
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    F1 2022

    IndyCar? 🥱
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    Walker & Williams

    I have a really cool Blue with Black edges Walker & Williams strap on my Sonic Blue Strat. It is really comfortable, looks great, and has never dropped my guitar. Unfortunately the blue finish has started to peel off. It looks really sad! So I contacted Walker & Williams to ask if anything...
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    Ibanez EW40CBENT

    Hi, I just bought an Ibanez EW40 Acoustic guitar and I’m trying to figure out the Date of Manufacture. Just wondering if anyone here has any idea how the Ibanez numbering system works. TIA Ian SoCal
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    Expensive tremolo bridges, worth it?

    My next build will be a Walnut Tele; I’ll be using a Babicz bridge on that too.
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    Expensive tremolo bridges, worth it?

    I fit Babicz on all my new builds these days, both hard tail and floating. Beautifully engineered and I really like the design principal. Ian SoCal