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    1. Jim DiGregorio
      Jim DiGregorio
      I'm from the north jersey area Sexycat, but I used to go to the Great American Guitar Shows in the Expo Center in the big room downstairs. The shows are good for getting vintage equipment, especially right at the end of the show.
      It sounds like we're both about the same age too! I'm 50, but I didn't start playing guitar until age 19 in 1981, so I got a late start compared to all my friends.
      Tell me about your amp if you'd like and what do you think about us staring a club? I know that new guy with the 66 deluxe would join too.

    2. sevycat
      It's Sevycat, usernamed after my daughters cat! BTW, thanks for the post on my vm page, what a hell of a thing to wake up to in the morning! Are you from the Philly area? I was up at the greater Philadelphia Expo center last weekend. They were hosting a Cheerleader show and a Gun show at the same time. Go Figure that one out. Needless to say, I have been to several guitar shows over the years as well.
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