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  • I wasn't planning on looking at all 60 photos now, but once I started I couldn't stop! What an arsenal! Very nice, thank you for the display!
    Hi John thanks for your welcome to me. It's nice to see that our paths are almost identical regarding starting a band at school etc.
    It was like walking down memory lane, and I'm sure there are many like us who used to press our noses against the window of the music shops, and wish we could afford just one of the things on display.
    I am in the same position as you now, with a collection which seems to keep on growing, even though I keep telling myself to slim down the collection.
    I also did the same as you regards playing with lots of bands when they came North on their mandatory tours.
    I now do a lot of work with the local schools, encouraging youngsters to take up an instrument, (not necessarily a guitar) and I donate all types of different instruments to the schools and trophies for the ones who try the hardest throughout the year.
    Anyway, just wanted to touch base with another "mature" addict.
    Take care, Ian.
    hey John !!! there's some "new" old guys at the Old Folks Home. and one of them was complaining about no welcoming committee. ha ha
    Hey John, saw your website and all have to say is right on!
    Your a Strat Talk treasure and much more, I'm sure!
    to keep from hyjacking your thread.

    yeah, I've been getting up at 4:15am to get ready for work. we've been working 10 hour days and Saturdays. so, I guess old habits are setting in. ha ha that Pro Jet sure was pretty. but it had a bad switch and I decided against getting it.
    Yea I bet. That is a seriously sweet collection you got. Seems like you have all the guitars I've got my eyes on. I really want one of those LP Special DC w/ P90s in yella.
    Hello, John, i want to buy a Gibson ES 137 lightburst...is it better than ES 339 or 335 (a little too big ) for blues rock job ? Which one can do it very well with smooth overdrive , nice bassy sound neck....Is it a good guitar finish ( i have sold my mark Knopfler strat for it !! )..thanks a lot, gaëtan(France )
    hey, john! here's an invitation to join "my" cs-336 club over on tdpri. my one li'l old post is lonely. regards, larry johnson in colorado
    Hi John, I have been meaning to say hi for a while, but as I am holiday I have no excuse so here I am !

    I had a good read on your web site , and in the photos of you playing in your band you are playing a semi-acoustic which looks to me like a Guild , am I right ?

    I used to play one that looked similar although I couldnt see your pick-ups clearly, if you dont mind looking in my album on here you should find a picture of it. It is a 1963 Guild T-150 and had a letter of authentication from Guild with it when I bought it. No longer own it sadly.

    Anyway nice to say Hi and I loved reading your web site.

    Best Regards

    Jim (FenderAffection)
    morning/afternoon, John ! have you found yourself a Gretsch, yet ? ha ha just kidding how ya been ?
    hi John ! did you enjoy the write-ups about the Jam ? I had to laugh at Tara's reaction about your photos that she was asking for. ha ha I'm still smiling ! she's a good kid and fairly knowledgable, too. have you found you a Gretsch yet ? I think that StratmanNick has looked at them, also.
    hi John,
    well, the 2nd Annual Northwoods Jam starts in the morning, 23 May. there is going to be a thread or 2 on gretsch-talk if you'd like to follow along. I'm not going to get there untill Sunday. but I plan on doing a couple of my songs that I've written. there's a link to the site in the upper left hand corner of this home page. hope to see there on gretsch-talk. brent
    yeah, I'm still seeing posts that I made last weekend on the front page. I can't figure out just what needs to be done over there.
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