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  • Hi! Nice discussion about the Tex Mex Strat. Let me understand: you said that the nut of this strat is not 1 11/16"? I thought that this body should have 3 holes under the pickguard, like others MIM, but there are only 1 hole. Maybe because bodies of the Tex Mex Strats were made in Corona and then sanded and finished in Mexico?
    I am writing for a site, can I use images of your Tex Mex Strat?

    Hi Joe K, sorry I just saw this. Not used to this web page, sorry.

    That red strat is long gone, forgot why by now since I'm still fond of the translucent red look. In general I've never liked mint pg. It may have been on there as the original, or I may have taken it off, dunno, I swap parts a lot. In general I strongly favor the aged yellowed out look for the knobs and covers and I think the parchment goes better with that than mint green.

    Good luck with your pick.
    Greetings. In searching the forum, I just found a pick of your red strat with a mint green pickguard. Actually, it is hard to tell in the pic how good the guard works. It looks white in the picture.

    In any event, I am a fellow TRPRI and Strat Talk member (mostly TDPRi) and hope you might answer a question or two. I have a red American Deluxe which, except for a rosewood board, looks just like your guitar. I just picked up CS '69 pups and, as long as I am going in, am going to replace the guard too.

    My guitar came with parchment. Is that what you had before changing to mint? If so, are you happy with the change? I am a little afraid of a greenish tint on a red guitar, but those mint guards look perfect on darker wood guitars so I am tempted to do the same with mine.

    Or did you get yours used with a mint guard already in place? You say that, at first, you were going to change it. That implies you were worried about it or perhaps thought another shade would work better.

    Thanks for reading this and for possibly answering.

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