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  • Hi,

    I got some names of leftys on the forum and I'm going to be selling my custom shop '57 vintage re-issue since I just can't reach the upper frets with that big horn (I play right handed). So I just wanted to ask some folks on the forum if they might be interested.

    I got your name and TeleItLikeItis, AllroyPA. Would you know of any others or have any website suggestions to target? It's been re-painted surf green - '90.
    I probably told you this before. I lived in Olympia for about a year. My GF was going to Evergreen State College in their art program. I got hooked up with a bunch if white water enthusiasts and caught the bug myself. I even built my own kayak, sharing expenses and labor with four others and we built five kayaks for all of us. We had gotten permission to use the pool for training new paddlers to do the Eskimo roll and generally learn how to paddle in a safer environment. We started taking the boats up the high dive and teetering them on the edge so that you leaned forward and it slipped off the board and you did a giant ender into the pool. They got wind of it and threw us out.lol
    Haha I know some members may find me rediculouss, but I can live with that. I actually think that Ol' Chud was the first to write Liam instead of lol

    A couple of months ago I recieved a pm from the original Liam poster (the guy with the Liam signature) and he asked the same question than you ... He thought it was a bit strange because his name was Liam - he didn't mind me using "liam" and thought it was quite funny when I explained it to him:) very nice guy btw
    Hi Lefty
    I'm sure you remember the lie thread ... Some guy posted there, and he had this "Liam" signature .. Liam was mixed up with lol and lmao, and after a while some of the regular posters had exchanged "lol" with "Liam" .... Now it's a habit, but IMO, still quite funny

    Haha that military poster was hilarious:) lol

    Hey men, you post an ceramic pickups bottom photos showing the ceramic magnets. Im just wonder, if that pickups come in a Mexican Standard Fender Stratocaster. Thats because I just bought a set of MIM pickups...but this ones differ a lot from the modern MIM pickups that i saw before. Exalmple, the bobin its tottaly taped and glued, the terminal for the cables are like a little screw but pressed...there are not a hole btween the poles 4 and 5....etc.....please help me. i really apreciate that. Thanks
    What is new my brother??? Did you make the move back to your old stompin grounds??? If so, how goes things???
    I'm sorry to hear you lost your job. I lost mine as well. I hope you do make it up here.
    Maybe I'll get a chance to meet you someday.
    Hang in there buddy and don't be a stranger.

    Hey, I was wondering if you made it through the weather out there. It's on the news here too.
    Let me check out what I got , should be able to spare a few , 2 or 3
    no charge .I get back to ya tomorrow !
    Ya his head is about 10X his hat size , I told flick that when they first made him a mod. words with him, lol ya ever time I got banned , it was cause of words with him. Enough MLP B.S. thatnks for being a friend enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Sent you a freind request we where friends on MLP?, so I thought we could be here as well. BB wrecked MLP for me . I am outa there.
    yeah, actually when I bought this, I went to buy another guitar made in korea les paul copy, I bought it, got it home an noticed the headstock was cracked, so I took it back and the seller had this one, so I got some money back and took this one,

    anyways, yeah its cool looking, tell you the truth the bow in the neck is kind of fitting for the guitar, it really only frets out a bit on one or two frets like 16-17 on the high E string.

    I totally agree with the tone and sound tho, just kind bla, I think alot of the sound comes from the body, I have a squier II with a plywood body and it has the same muddy tone.
    cool, yeah mine is about the same, supper fat neck too, crappy build, mine i think is actually plywood body. anyways I posted some pictures in my Album if you want to take a look and compare.

    thanks for the info
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